Zona de actividad no funciona

Tengo 3 camaras y las zonas de actividad no juncionan.
Me he ido de vacaciones y he dejado las camaras 24h.
Tengo la carretera puesta en gris, pero me llegan notificaciones cada vez que pasa un coche… !
La zona gris es la zona de peatones

Short answer:

Activity zones don’t work very well.

Long answer:

It’s easy to guess what is going on, but not so easy to say for certain. Take the picture with the van. At this point the sun is directly behind the building. Any vehicle going past, including that van, will reflect an awful lot of infra red radiation back into your active zones. Because the vehicles are moving, that infrared signal will be moving too, across the front of your property, across the grass for example. Which therefore explains the initial trigger, because Blink uses passive infrared detection for the first stage of detection.

Harder to explain, though not much, is why it would not discard that clip, after having been initially triggered by moving infrared. This is probably because, not only will infrared radiation be being reflected, causing the initial trigger, but so will visible radiation, light. When your Blink camera now performs pixel comparison, between two frames, to determine if the clip should be discarded or not, it will also see a difference between the two images it uses for the comparison. Why, because one image will have a piece of the lawn, or similar, slightly more illuminated than in the previous picture, or vice versa, as a result of light reflected from the side of the vehicle.

I could easily imagine, that if we were to watch one of your videos, we would be able to see a light patch moving across the front of your property, lawn, wherever, as a vehicle passes. Could be wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least.

Like I said, short answer, zone’s don’t work very well, but the long answer is one of the reasons why they don’t.

You may also consider using the advance setting to to fit into the smaller areas that the basic setting doesn’t cover well.

I understand all that, but it also shoots in the morning, when the sun is in front
So what are gray areas for if they don’t distinguish anything?

As I said above. Ask most with experience of this product in this forum and they will report the same.

My activity zones hardly work at all. The activity zone function seems to have deteriorated over time. Blink should have gotten it right by now.

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