XT2 Sync Module Issue

Bob my new XT2 camera started having the sync module issue. What are my options and what do I need to do. I’ve rebooted the sync module plus deleted and reinstalled the camera and it didn’t fix the issue.

I’ve experienced a noticeable drop in connection with XT2 cameras vs original Blink “white” cameras.

When new, the original white versions all worked great. Then 1 by 1, they all had the same failure. They lost RF power (as tested with an RF power meter). They would work fine when placed directly next to both WIFI Router & Sync module…but not even a few feet away.

I always test the dB, mW power output of all wireless transmitters when new, so I can troubleshoot issues later on. Also the current consumption when idle, when recording, when transmitting, etc. All the original cameras either burned out the TXs or had a failure where they no longer output the same RF power as when new.

To make the story short, and not get too technical…When replacing my old white cameras with the new XT2 cameras in the exact same location…they had significantly more problems maintaining strong connection with both Sync Module and WIFI. I ended up having to move them to a closer location (not optimal). I haven’t bothered to open up the XT2 cameras to directly measure the mW output of the radio transmitters, but when measured externally with a frequency tuned antenna, it’s significantly less than my original white cameras when they were new.

Maybe that’s a good thing though. Maybe that’s why the originals burned out the TXs. More time will tell if the XT2s suffer from the same longevity issues.

Sync module simply not connecting to router ,seems like many people has this problem ,disappointed in your product ! Refunding now ! Waste of time !

This is a community forum. You’re screaming into a void.

Should you like assistance with troubleshooting, we’ll be here.

If you only want to flame, then this is not the place for you.


I’m reading this thread over a year later after just installing an XT2. All the screenshots show signal strengths with five bars. When and why did the Blink app switch to the three bar icons I seem to have?

We don’t know why. I find it very frustrating. Not only do I want more resolution than the current meter, I wanted more than the previous meter. I would much prefer the strength in db. Totally doable, and I know for a fact that it is a stored variable on the Blink API server, because some third party apps pull it down. Bling Desktop, by @lurume84, does it for one, details of which can be found in this forum.

Really really bad move to try and make it look more trendy, but detract from functionality. Useless!

+1 !

Thanks suttyblink.

Hi, I have the same menu as you with the signal strength , what doe the low bars mean , is it the lync to the router or the camera to the lync , I have set up a wifi extender and cloned my router so it should be seemless hasn’t made a blind bit of difference ………im tearing my hair out with this lost the whole day