XT2 Phase Out

I decided to get a few XT2 cameras before they get phased out. Ordered over a week ago and they just came in from Amazon. They are already unavailable now !!! Just hedging my bets with new outdoor units.

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When XT-2 came out about a year ago, Everything for original XT was quickly no longer for sale. Even those L shaped mounts were unavailable. XT had a short fire sale then poof gone. You’re probably 100% correct in XT-2 following same path.

We purchased a spare set of 3 XT-2 cameras on Sept 29 from amazon and they were delivered Oct 4. The order status was iffy for a few day, but came through and the set was an unopened, sealed package.

Our current set of 3 cameras on 2 sync modules has worked extremely well. 100 / 5 mb cable internet, no camera is more than 15 feet from the sync module, and no sync module is more than 15 feet from the router or a wireless access point.