XT2 and Echo Show 5

Im just wondering when the new firmware that was told would fix the problem between the XT2 and the Echo Show 5 is going to be released. I keep checking every day but it something could be said like 2 months…2 weeks…very soon, that would save me the trouble of constantly checking.

Problem is is that when I view the XT2 on my Echo Show 5, I get get audio and no video. Just called about 1 week ago, and the customer support rep said that they are definitely aware of the problem…but it would still be nice to nice to know some kind of time frame.


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We’re users. We have no idea. Keep pestering support!

How do I keep pestering support. I had like a 2 week conversation with one tech support guy by email, he had me doing the “Do this and do that” and download this app and send us the Routethis info. It was rediculous when all he had to say was “A firmware version will fix it.” I then called support and they readily acknowledged the fact that there was a problem.

What I find is completely stupid, is that they sold the 2 together on prime day. I bought 2 sets. Boy they sure look stupid doing that cause the 2 didn’t even work together.

I can get it to work ONLY if I set the blink XT2 to the lowest resolution - which I do not want to use. Still waiting for an update also.


Same problem here