XT2 2019 vs 2020

I purchased my first XT2 in 2019. Then, I just brought another set in 2020. I noticed the front is a bit different and a couple options in the apps are missing from 2019 model. Is there any different between the 2?

Are you referring to the new so-called “outdoor” camera?
If so, yes… and documented.

Yup more than likely you have the new Outdoor Gen 3 camera. Read about new layout details here.

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i wish we could all agree to just call it xt3, or xt2.1… would be so much easier… :slight_smile:

Yes, the outdoor one


Mostly, beside the location of the functions. I want to know if there any improvement. Because it seems like the night vision is worst than XT2 2nd Gen.

You’re not the first one to complain about that. Make sure no 3rd party rain/sun shields are being used on that new Gen 3 outdoor. That stuff from XT2 does not work on 3 as the position of the IR led changed.

Simple enough to test a 2 vs 3 for night vision. Put them both in the same room inside your house. Walk around at night with the lights off. Let them both record you. Watch the results on your mobile app.

Remember when comparing, keep it apples to apples. Not 2 on this side of the house and 3 on that side of the house. Different locations on your house will light up differently at night. .

Thanks for the document. I didn’t know the 2 leds are not the same. I cut the 3rd party case to allow the LEDs to show up. Let’s see what happen to night.

Compare them side by side. To me it looks like the change in speaker holes caused the IR to change.

This is how much I cut the case in order to get the night vision to work. If I don’t cut to the right enough, it will leave me a shadow. I understand this case is not for XT2 3rd gen. But I have extra sitting around so, I just use it. Now, the next question is motion sensor. I have it set to 6 already, I have to walk close to get it detects.

Go all the way back to the beginning…why are you using those covers in the first place? If it’s just that top lip for a sun shade, trim that out and glue it via clear silicone sealer to the front body of the camera. Let it setup for 6 hours then put it back outside.

Besides a a sun shade, what other value does that cover provide?

For me, there was 2 more reasons.

Mount. Has the universal 1/4 mount on the back. (easier to mount in many places, siding clips, etc)
Protects the USB connection for the solar panel. (and I assume those that have it plugged in)

Seems like thats how the new camera is. Detection range is not that great