XT temperatures way, way off. Can't calibrate

I have four indoor cameras and four XT’s. Temperatures shown on the indoor cameras are within a few degrees of being correct. Three of my XT’s show negative temperatures, right now of -84, -79 and -120. If I the try to calibrate them the minus sign is unresponsive while the plus sign reduces the indicted temperature. The remaining XT is fairly accurate. I am not a happy camper! Any advice?


I’m sorry you’re having difficulty calibrating the temperatures in your Blink XT cameras. If you haven’t done so, try these steps to resolve the temperature calibration issue:

  1. Power cycle the affected cameras by removing the batteries for 10 seconds and reinserting
  2. Try deleting and reinstalling the Blink app
  3. Remove the batteries from one of the affected cameras and then

If these steps do not resolve the temperature calibration issue I suggest contacting our technical support team so we may review the server logs from your Blink account. You can contact technical support by opening a support case here: http://support.blinkforhome.com/customer/portal/emails/new or by calling our technical support phone line at 781-332-5465. Phone support is available 7 days a week between 10am - 11pm EST.

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Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately these cameras are in a summer home that I will not return to for up to six months. But I will try your suggestions when I get the opportunity.

Open the app and hit update camera at the bottom for any camera out of sync. Temp should correct

What in the XT is measuring the temp? I can only assume its related to the IR sensor. This could potentially cause weird readings depending on how it handles responses etc.

I always assumed it was a sensor similar to what one would find in any digital outdoor thermometer, or a z-wave/zigbee device that can report temperature, etc.

Something like this, for example.

If it is I would expect the readings to be a bit more accurate and not swing from accurate to not even close!! It seemed to be much more accurate in the summer. If it is using the IR to read temp that would explain the dramatic swings in the winter.

Keep cameras out of direct sunlight if possible. Sun on the black case could cause temp to climb. If you go outside on a cold day and the sun feels warm. The camera case feels the same warmth. It is what it is…

My question was what is measuring the temp? IR or another method?

If you find that your camera’s temperature reading isn’t accurate, you can use this to calibrate it. To do this, place your camera near a thermometer and leave the camera there for at least 15 minutes. After that, adjust the camera’s temperature to match your thermometer by tapping the plus or minus icons.

Still a good question.

Hi @JDC, @marktheknife, and @Oldschool61,

I just asked one of our engineers and I was informed that we use a thermistor to detect temperature in our cameras. Not being an engineer, I had no idea what this is, but according to wikipedia it is “a type of resistor whose resistance is dependent on temperature, more so than in standard resistors.” Hope this helps!

Thanks @nick_at_blink, I would imagine that’s how many digital thermometers/temperature sensors work.

Thanks Nick. Sounds like a standard thermocouple type “probe”. Do they have any ideas why the temperatures can fluctuate at times? My XT is tucked back under my front porch and never sees direct sunlight or water. It is also plugged in via USB cable. For example, right now its 29-30 degrees in the western Chicago suburbs. My XT is reading 64. It seemed to be close last night. Sometimes it follows actual temps close and then goes crazy like now!!
Can you ask the engineers if its possible that high usage is internally heating the unit causing a false high temp? I assume the thermocouple is inside the housing and is measuring the internal XT temp.
If the unit generates heat from recording etc then this would explain the inaccurate readings.

This is a nice summary article on digital temperature sensors. A little technical though not too much.


According to this, a thermocouple and a thermistor work differently.

You will probably need to calibrate the temp reading more than once. It’s what I have been doing. Eventually it settles down and is kinda sorta accurate to within 20 degrees. Remember temp data shows up as BETA in the software app. BETA = test stage not ready for production. The temp alarm is a feature that is the tail wagging the dog in my opinion. If it’s too hot or cold outside (beyond the recommended operating range of cameras, then simply disarm the system if you want to feel more safe about your investment. Myself, I push limits and find out what things can really do. Cameras work just fine at 20 below zero here in Minnesota during the night. Will something screw up operating that cold? Maybe but who cares. These things are inexpensive enough for me to keep her running in the deep freeze.

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