XT Blurred out video (night vision)

My XT has been operating fine for the first few weeks. Now, I’m looking at a barely recognizable image (after dark). I had hoped to load a video clip here for better diagnosis, but this forum apparently will not accept video. Here is a screen grab from the video. FWIW, the bright white image in the lower left quadrant of the image is a cat on top of my truck (with another cat next to him; damn cats keep setting off the Blink). Prior to this problem, I didn’t seem to have any resolution issues at night. Thoughts? Suggestions?

You can do a private upload to youtube if you want to share. Is the daytime view still clear?

Daytime appears clear. I am out of town and haven’t had a daytime video trigger event yet. I did check a Live Shot during daylight hours and it seems to be OK. Just the night time is giving me a problem.

It appears like something ‘greasy’ got on the lens. The XT is mounted under the eave of the garage overhang. While impervious to the weather, it does have pretty ample protection. Final thought - I live in the SE US, so snow, ice and freezing are not issues.

Seems like it would be an issue with the sensor then. Is the live view at night also blurry? The other thing could be a blocked ir emitter preventing high resolution.

Yes, the live view in the evening is blurry. I was planning to check the XT itself when I return home of course.

If the IR emitter is clean when you check it I would say it is a bad sensor and you will need to contact support. Good Luck!

I have had this happen a couple of times.

In my case it was due to moisture in the air.

No that we are hitting winter, I am not getting it anymore

I’ve also had this happen, condensation in the lense. Wouldn’t worry about it unless it’s constantly happening

If the daytime is clear it would be odd that it was condensation.

Maybe the temp drops at night, water vapor in the air (inside the camera) condenses and becomes visible on the lens?

Not at all really. It would be odd for it to be condensation if it was also happening during the day. In my case, the cooler weather at night cause the condensation.

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Is there an echo in here? :grin:

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“Alexa, is there condensation in my Blink lense?”


Hi @Kegan,

I wanted to check in about this issue to see if you were able to determine what was causing the blurry image. If it doesn’t appear to be an issue of condensation or something on the lense please feel free to submit a support ticket or call us at (781) 332-5465. Perhaps there is an issue with your IR functionality. Let me know!

I have the blurry night images when I turn on the IR. Luckily I have enough ambient light in the areas I have my XT’s when I turn of the IR my problem solved. I have great pics now. Seeing all the complaints from people, I believe the IR needs to be looked at on XT’s @nick_at_blink.


Thanks for that advice. I switched off IR and became clear as a bell. Perhaps temo change causes it but heyho so long as it can be fixed!

I just started having this same issue. I mounted three cameras back in January and they all have been Crystal clear even at night. two nights ago I get a low battery notification on the camera over my garage. so today I replaced the battery with Energizer lithium… I remount and I have this unrecognizable blurry night vision pic. If I take it down off of the mount and hold it under 7 feet high it’s crystal clear again. If I raise it over eight feet it gets blurry again. I took another camera and tried it and it does the same thing. It works perfectly until I put it on the mountain over top of the garage. I have no idea why this works two days ago and tonight it doesn’t. I called The help number and they told me that I just have to figure out a different place to mount the camera over top my garage. I guess that’s all I can do but I’m baffled why it works perfectly for 9 months until two days ago. I will add if I take off the night vision it gets clear again at night, it’s just dark. The only lighting is the street lighting. I turn the night vision back on and all I have is a big cloudy fish eye pic/video! I’ve attached 2 pictures. The blurry one is what I have now, the clear one showing the car is how it worked 2 days ago. One last edit I remembered. Before I discovered I had a bad battery in this particular camera I updated the blink app.

It seems fairly clear, or it does after saving your images and enhancing the bad one for better clarity, and toggling between the two, that there has been a significant change in angle between the two. In particular, the blurry image is pointed down much more.

The round tree at the end of the drive, is cropped, by the top of the frame, just above the the base of the leaves, in the poor shot. In the good shot, the tree is in full view, and way above the top of the tree too.

I suspect that you have brought an object, a fascia plate, or similar, well into view of the infrared illuminator, below the camera, and it is reflecting back a lot of IR light to the camera, throwing off its night time settings, and also reflecting IR light into the inside and back of the lens.

Take a snapshot in the daytime, and compare it to the good image, and you will see what I mean. You have made a significant change to the mounting angle and I suspect if you correct this your problem will improve or even disappear. When you lower it a foot, you probably bring it down below that fascia, or similar.

Let us know how you go on, because it may also be a change in the weather, but let’s see.

Yes I did change the camera angle recently from those two pictures… But even two days ago it was the same angle as the cloudy picture and it was crystal clear. I just didn’t have an example from recently to show the clear version. I changed absolutely nothing from Tuesday to Thursday other than the batteries. Same camera, same angle, and the night vision went from damn near perfect to unrecognizable in 90 seconds from taking camera down, replacing batteries and putting back up.

I don’t know why but you were right I change the angle and now it’s perfectly clear again. I’m still baffled why it works for almost nine months at the angle at was… but I just angled it up a little bit more and then changed these owns a little bit and all good.