Wrong date on downloaded clips

I get my clips on my galaxy phone and fire tablet . I have the new outdoor blik . I downloaded 2 clips to try out on my fire tablet and the date on clips show January 1 1970 yes 1970

In the mobile app, did you set your correct time zone that you are in?

YS , on the tablet and on the phone both show the correct date on the clips … why 1970

No idea. You’ll have to contact Blink tech support. Out of double digit thousands of members in this community forum, you are the first one to report a 1970 date.

What date do the clips show on your Galaxy phone, before you download them to view on the tablet?

Clips on phone and tablet both show correct time and date .but when I downloaded 2 clips to see if it worked they both show January 1 1970 . I mean 1970 ? This crap was not even invented yet

What do you mean, specifically, about when downloaded? Where exactly is the date and time shown in a downloaded video? Genuinely, I’m not clear about that, apart from the filename itself, I’ve never been able to find a date time stamp.

EDIT: Can you post a screenshot of where you find that please?

He means the USB stick. Mine does the same thing. The files are dated 1970.

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so if you happen to need these for proof for police how do you justify the date ?

1/1/1970 is the default start date for just about everything- windows,Unix, etc.

So,Blink is not populating the field…either by design, or a bug.

Thanks for the clarity. It explains the lack of response, and general interest in the topic, since storage via sync module 2 is not yet commonplace, or even up and running properly yet.

seems like im the xt3 expert guy lately. :slight_smile: