Would like to be able to schedule specific cameras!

I have 3 indoor cameras, and 3 XT’s. Love them! But it would be awesome if I could be able to schedule their “Armed” time to individual cameras instead of the whole system.


Thanks for the idea! This actually seems to be a pretty popular request among our customers! @RightHand, @slh7d, and @kentonvk were suggesting a similar feature in another thread.

I would love to see this implemented as well, and although there is no timeline yet, it is definitely in our future plans.


This is a feature that I would love to have. I like the idea of scheduling; however, the current limitation (schedule all at the same times or don’t schedule) is not as useful as it could be.


Definitely add me to the list of users who want this feature. Separate camera schedules would be great. Thanks!


While not ideal - you can make this happen today by using a 2nd sync module. The schedule affects all cameras on a single sync module, but if you have two sync modules - you have two different schedules.



You can also do this using 3rd party home automation platforms. Have a look at a platform called home assistant. I have my cameras (not all of them blink) arm when nobody is at home and disarm when someone comes back home. You can do this to all or an individual camera based on the criteria you specify.


How hard is it to setup?

Have a look at home-assistant.io. That is the platform I am referencing

You can run it on a low cost raspberry pi. It is somewhat technical but the people who use the platform are very helpful (like me). They also run a community board.

Here is the posting I followed.

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+1 on individual camera scheduling. I like to turn off the back door / backyard camera in the morning when I’m up and the dog goes in & out all day, while front door stays on to “listen” for deliveries that don’t ring the door bell.

I love the Blink system, 2 friends have purchased setups based on my experience and recommendation, so keep up the good work!


Hi all,

If you are using Samsung SmartThings for HA, there is a very good 3rd party integration there too.


very badly needed

I am seeing the same need to have different schedules for different cameras; especially when you have more and more cameras, this becomes a requirement


I have literally just signed up to post this suggestion and hurrah it’s already suggested.

I’m in the uk so can’t get the XT yet but have moved one of my indoor cameras outside as someone tried the car last night.

I would love to have this camera only live during the night and the other one off so the dogs don’t disturb it.

It seems a straight forward thing to implement (but then I’ve been saying that about the alarm systems since KS!!)


I do agree on this. This feature would be a basic requirement to use the camera system. Please make a feature so I could be in a particular camera zone with that camera off while the other 10 cameras are still armed. I will also make another post to request that we can use the motion sensor with out using the camera. I would request this so the motion detector can be used to turn on my lights as I walk through different zones.

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We r all waiting for it!

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+1 Add another to the list of those wanting to see this happen!


I would love to have this without buying another sync module myself.


Yea I would love this addition please guys!

Also like to arm specific cameras without a schedule