Worked fine and now does not detect motion at all

Bought the 5 camera XT2 setup and installed 3 of them about 6 wks ago, and they worked great, but now they do not record or detect motion whatsoever.

I’ve updated, armed, disarmed, cleaned, and still nothing.

Batteries show ok, so I guess they’re going back in box and I’m returning them for replacement or refund whichever I can get.

If I cannot get refund, I will sell the replacements and buy something else, because I bought these because I needed them, not for decoys.

Do not rely on the battery indicator. If you’ve been triggering lots of events, your batteries may be low.

If they are dead in less than a month, thats a deal breaker as well.

Now the sync module is failing to connect.

I think these are probably junk that cannot handle temperature swings.

Issues started when day temp went from 85 to 38 at night.

Ok, fine. Your mind is made up.

IMO, 99% of blink issues are related to WiFi and batteries.

I have 6 of the XT-1 originals in Minnesota that have survived 2.5 years. 30 below to 100 above Fahrenheit. Temp is not the issue. For most people, their wifi signal is not consistently strong enough. That weak signal will kill batteries, screw up sync module operation, and give inconsistent camera operation. Many people are spending the 15 bucks or so and installing wifi repeaters to clear up the possible weak wifi signal issue. The repeater comes in handy for other devices around their home also. Well worth the money.

Think you have wifi and/or network problems and want to confirm or deny? Blink and Wyze techs use this software for remote diagnosis.

Yeah, when I am having issues and they aren’t 4 weeks old, of course I am disappointed. Only an idiot wouldn’t be.