Wont play back Recorded motion just blue Screen with Stars

God i bought this with great expectations worked fine one day this afternoon all recorded motion has stopped nothing will play back, i have Neos,Logicircle, Arlo , Reolink, but this Blink is Rubbish

Anyone else experincing this cause think ill send back Cheers

Ps Activation zone not working its a joke thsi camera rip off for $35

If you own and have used all those other brands, why the hell would you buy Blink also? It’s absolutely stupid to have multiple brands on a home network. Not to mention multiple apps on a mobile device.

On a daily basis, the community sees brand new first time posts from a new person that’s nothing other than bash Blink. As time goes on, these stories become mora and more over the top via user situations like yours.

If you got a bad camera, return it for another or just get your money back. Then go on to the next brand as your experiment play toy. You’d be wise to try out Wyze next.

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What the Hell are you waffling about,

I have used these cameras in different Buildings and this quote is an example you really need to chill mate,
If i want to use 100 different cameras thats my choice not some jumped up Idiots,

If you cant answer the question move on,

There’s always one Keyboard Warrior around

Like I said, every day someone like you comes on here and does the exact thing you did. Bash Blink. Obviously nothing is wrong with your wifi network as so many other brands work fine. But not Blink. That means you have a bad camera or the mobile app doesn’t work on your mobile device. Only one fix and that’s warranty exchange the camera. Or get a refund and move on.

I gave you the solution but you got butt hurt by someone calling you out. You wanna play this game further, go for it. I’ve been here for years. You’ve been here 1 day. Good luck.

Wow ur some waffler, i have 2 blink there both the same issues, ( oh Wait i have two Faulty Cameras)
Yours is not a solution just brush it under the carpet Typical Stereo Answer.

If i have an issue and need help ill go to the forum dedicated alright.
I don’t care how long you have been here in my opinion too bloomin long, now would you kindly go somewhere else till i get a proper reply like a Good lad.

I’m not going anywhere. You however are simply newbie troll. Feeding you has stopped. Next steps are flags and dismissals. You’ve been advised.