Won’t record thru glass window

If the wind is blowing the cam over you need to anchor the mount. If you can’t or don’t want to use screws I suggest outdoor double sided tape (3M or Gorilla brands). Some of my cams have been up for years using the tape with no problems. Just be sure to clean both surfaces with alcohol before using the tape.

I just purchased a duo set from Best Buy and have to say-I literally wasted a few hours trying to configure the motion detection on these. The fact that nowhere on the box did I see “will not work through glass,” it really surprises me.

I’m going to see the possibility of a mountless setup outdoors on a rental unit, hopefully it won’t bite the dust.

Pre-purchase research is important.

Blink FAQ:

The Blink PIR sensor on XT and XT2 cameras can not reliably detect motion on the other side of glass. Some users have placed cameras facing out a window or through a glass door to use Blink’s Live View option. A Blink XT, or XT2 camera looking through glass will react to heat on the near side of a pane of glass, so it will not reliably activate with motion beyond it.

Mini cameras however, are capable of motion detection through glass since they use pixel difference analysis instead of IR heat signature. For optimal results, the Blink Mini camera must be placed as close to a window as possible with the recording LED and IR LED disabled.

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