Won’t record thru glass window

If I put my Blink XT on the windowsill and aim towards the outdoors it won’t pick up any motion. If I raise the glass window and it’s only shooting through the screen it’s fine. Why won’t it shoot or pick up motion through the glass window? I’ve already adjusted the sensitivity to maximum.

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Blink cameras use PIR motion detection, which detects motion based on changes in heat. Changes in heat can’t be detected through most glass or windows that are usually insulated in homes. Blink does have this listed on their website and it’s a limitation on other products that use PIR motion detection as well.


Oh thank you for your quick response. I guess I will still keep this one. It will be good for indoor use. Or I could mounted outside somewhere. It just defeats what I wanted to use it for but that’s OK. I’ll keep looking at other products. Thank you!


Hi @Deb1,

Just curious, why do you want your camera looking through a window? Seeing as the camera can be mounted outside, would that not serve the same purpose you are aiming for? Just wondering!

I just figured I would move it around from one location to another. Didn’t want it to be a permanent location. Maybe sometimes aimed at the front porch other times aimed at the driveway. And other times used for indoors. I guess I could buy more cameras though couldn’t I?

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Ooo I see. I would definitely recommend buying a couple more cameras in your case. You can have up to ten devices on a sync module and you could purchase indoor and/or outdoor cameras!

I have the same issue, I need my XTs to sit on the inside windowsills in my house and record any motion in the walkway outside. I turned up sensitivity to max but does not work, please advise as this was the main purpose for why I purchased these cameras. Thanks

See earlier in this thread, Blink uses a PIR sensor to trigger the camera and these don’t work through glass

If there is no risk of the camera being stolen, then yes, it can be placed outside. At a motel, where the ONLY thing between you and your unattended vehicle is the glass window, placing the camera outside is an open invitation for a quick loss of the camera.

Blink needs to have someone create a sheet metal camera mount that will allow you to open a motel room door, slip the camera mount around the door jamb opposite the hinge side, and close the door ON the mount. Maybe add a, “Smile! you’re on camera!” sticker or something. The camera would be outside, and secure from snatch-n-grab thieves, but still allow you to enter and exit the room.

See my reply to your other post. One thing I might mention is there are all kinds of metal over the door hangers sold everywhere for closet doors etc. This might work for you.

You know … with a bit of Redneck Engineering I guess that would work! You could hang it over the top, or slip it over the door from one side, and when the door is closed, the camera would be mounted and not easily stolen. I just don’t trust people not to steal anything that is not bolted down. I like the idea of making a simple three-sided metal strap that slips over the side of the door though.

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@joejones: I was channel surfing and came across this on HSN, Thought of you.


Check it out!

Wow! Thank you!

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It would be useful if Blink offered a variant of the module with just the IR detection capability (would still be wireless, battery operated) that could be mounted outside and trigger/paired to an indoor Blink camera to record. Would be less obvious to thieves, smaller, etc.

I would be concerned with image quality thru glass…especially double-pane.

Hasn’t been a problem for me, all three look through double pane insulated glass and two of those have insect screens.

Hi Deb,

First off, I’m not sure about the blink cameras recording through a window on your house, but I do know that the blink cameras will work when placed inside an automobile aimed at the driver’s door window. I have placed a Blink camera on the console in my car and aimed right at that door and it does pick up images. We seem to have some weirdos in our area who come along during the middle of the night like yesterday at 3 AM trying car doors. When I have a good video or videos I forward them to our local police substation who then forwards them to the street crime unit because they told me that even though I’m might not notice anything specific, that the street crime unit might recognize certain characteristics of a person or outfit whatever. I have done this on several occasions. I stopped putting the camera in the car because things have been quiet for a long time now, but looks like I will have to go back to that. I have several cameras in different locations in the front and rear of the house. Since I do not like to drill holes in the siding on my house I have gone to Amazon and searched for Blink accessories.

You would be surprised at some of the options that you will find. One favorite one that replaces the so called “one year/two year batteries” is a device that you plug into the electricity which replaces the batteries in your camera. I believe the cords come in varying lengths long enough to plug into an outside outlet somewhere. Another option that they have is a suction cup device that allows you to stick this device on to a GLASS surface and the blink camera attaches to that. I tried to stick this on some aluminum panels and on my vinyl siding but it did not hold. Seems to work best on the glass. Another option is a five or 6 inch or so bendable black device with a metal tip that screws into the back clip that they provide and then you can wrap that bendable thing around a drain pipe like I have or around a hanging plant hanger like I have and if you had a tree with small enough branches I would imagine you could wrap it around that also. None of these accessories are made by Blink or Amazon but they are made by a company called Wasserstein and I suppose you could go directly to their website also which is http://www.wasserstein-home.com. Other companies also make these accessories but if I remember correctly I had ordered one of these accessories and it didn’t come with the correct clip that clips into the back of the camera where the release button is so I had to send those back and then order the Wasserstein ones. One note here while I’m talking about that clip that goes on the back of the camera you do have to use some pressure to click it in so don’t think that it doesn’t fit it does but it’s nice and tight and then you can rotate it also.

Couple of things crossed my mind as I’m typing this. I wonder why they can’t add the little LED light on the black outdoor cameras like they have on the white indoor cameras? That would provide enough light like for someone walking down my sidewalk and my camera is within a few feet of them. That light would be perfect. I have kind of solved that problem because I do have some solar LED bright lights a rectangular bar light lout there that does light up once someone triggers the motion sensor. However I have to depend on sunlight to charge those during the day. They work great though because they are very bright.

Another thing that crossed my mind is can a white indoor camera be used outdoors? I thought I read in a comment here that someone did use the white camera outdoors? I’m sure it’s sealed just as well?

One other thing that crossed my little pea brain is why can’t they make the outdoor cameras white also or at least give us a choice between black or white because I think the white cameras would be less noticeable outdoors at least for my use. I know they have those white plastic covers that you can buy also which I do have but the middle part where the camera is and the sensor whatever that part remains black.

Since this is my very first post here I hope that I will be notified somehow maybe through Facebook because that’s how I signed in when someone responds to my post here. Maybe I can learn something else about these cameras but the one thing I do know is that they are 1000 times better than the Arlo Duo cameras because at night you can’t see crap with those. It’s like sitting in front of your television with the television shut off that’s about what you see on those cameras.

Various options cost money. Lower production runs for each type, stocking of different options and raw materials, for suppliers, manufacturer, and retailer alike. Could they offer what you describe, sure, but then they would all cost more. Would it increase sale, not sure, probably, but by an insignificant amount. If they thought it was cost effective, would make money, and was a direction the wanted to go in, they would have done it already. Additionally, you’re not likely to hear about any plans in here. Blink discuss nothing of their future plans, and have stated on more than one occasion, in this forum, that they are blocked from doing so by Amazon.

As for PIR detection through glass, a quick Google will show you that it is unreliable at best, or even a search of just this forum will demonstrate the same. Some glass works better than others. Infra red is blocked reasonably well by most windows, especially modern double or triple glazed solutions, designed to preserve heat in your building. Apparently plate glass is better, especially some older types, so maybe that explains the success with your car. Additionally, you will have the benefit of proximity. If people are trying the door, you’re hard pressed to have the camera and sensor more than 4 feet away from them. Expect it to pick them up reliably, from 20 feet away, as they approach, like it normally would, with sensitivity on default, and I think that unlikely. You probably got them as they jiggled the handle.

Would be nice to see a video, of exactly where you can get a trigger from in a car. At least you can turn the sensitivity right up, because there’s nothing going to move in the car for a false trigger. I imagine it would be tough to get reliable WiFi too. I suppose you would have to have the car parked right next to the building, and pretty much on top of the router and sync module. Not something many could easily achieve, myself included, unless I completely rejigged my system. If I had the need though, I suppose I could come up with something, so good to know you have had success.

I live in a condo so I can’t mount anything outside my unit. I want to keep a camera on my car, but having the same issue, no motion detection. Now I understand why and will try using it in the car and see if that works.

I did try it in my car - nope - doesn’t work. When I put mine outside, the wind will often blow it over - so that is the reason for putting it inside.