Will Blink ever go out of business?

Do you think they will? They’re basically Ring with a different name now. Maybe they’ll merge?

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I predicted that merger a couple years ago. The neighborhood icon on the app was exciting and dissatisfaction at the same time. If you live out in the country,neighborhood is worthless. It only has a five miles radius. I gotta drive 8 miles to go grocery shopping.

8 Miles. I have relatives that live in Vermont and they would consider that walking distance. If they had security cameras it would be to catch the bears trying to break into the chicken coop.

Lots of meth heads out in the country. Redneck assholle neighbors too. Blink cameras along with cell phone cameras won us two separate HRO hearings in civil cases. Them drug addict felons. We are clean records law enforcement family with way too much time on our hands Retired life gets interesting some days. Don’t hit em with your fist. Hit em with a gavel.

“Lots of meth heads out in the country. Redneck assholle neighbors too.”


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The cameras on Blink n Ring operate similarly. Check the app for device health, Ring says the hardwired doorbell device gets a clean bill of health and battery is good then warns you the battery is very low and needs charging, Blink app checking camera’s that have stopped functioning show battery level as good (even though the camera will not work until new batteries are installed).
Blink however is a better camera than Ring Doorbell 3 because I have both that are same distance (appx. 15’) from wifi transmitter and Ring keeps warning of poor wifi connection. Blink camera 30’ away never has an issue either.