Will Blink cloud storage continue to be free?

Quit thinking of it as a customer.

Start thinking of it as a multi-billion dollar business. Amazon does things to maximize ROI for its investors.

Blink’s sister is Ring. Ring is pay as you go cloud storage or memory stick. Blink mini is same thing. If that means you won’t buy mini…so be it. Plenty of others will as it’s a dirt cheap indoor camera option to run on existing Blink mobile app.

I’m confused as well. Blink “tech support” on Amazon “Blink XT, XT2, and legacy Indoor cams will continue to have free storage. The sync module 2 is compatible with all generations of Blink cameras. Only Blink Indoor and Outdoor and Blink Mini cameras will be compatible with local storage functionality. All other generations of cameras (indoor, XT and XT2) will be cloud based if/when they are added to the SM2.” This is a very clear answer written by Heidi but Local Storage FAQ “Only Blink Indoor, Outdoor, and Mini cameras are compatible with local storage functionality. All other cameras (1st generation Indoor, XT and XT2) require a cloud storage subscription to retain motion clips and Live Views.” I think that Heidi and Efrain are correct at Amazon. Blink needs a better technical writer. Lots of down votes on their articles for being ambiguous and at times confusing. Are they referring to a “paid” subscription???

I have a similar question… new blink mini customer

I understand the sync module will be released in 2021 and my free cloud storage is covered through the end of 2020. does that mean I will lose the ability to record on the free option after 12/31/20?

What is the ETA release date for the new sync module?

it sure would be nice to have a pc app for this hardware. im emulating but really would prefer to use my nvr or pc. please add some pc compatibility for ios, linux and windows. Furthermore, adding some capability to live stream all cameras side by side in a single window would be super nice