WiFi issues when connecting Blink module and cameras

I am having trouble with my WiFi router blocking out all devices connected to it after about an hour or two of having the module and cameras all set up and working properly. The cameras suddenly stop sending any recorded clips and live feed is not possible. The cameras show a single red bar on the WiFi connection. At the same time all devices (cell phones, laptop, fire stick etc.) all lose WiFi connection and when attempting to reconnect I get a invalid password rejection when no password has been changed. I then have to delete the Blink system completely and reboot my WiFi router and the WiFi goes back to working perfectly fine. I let a day go by and attempt it all again and have the exactly same issue. Does anyone have any ideas to resolve this issue?

The issue your having could be specific to your router or its settings. Would be best to call support and give as many details as possible so they can troubleshoot your issue.

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Sounds like a router issue. First make sure your router drivers are up to date. Second make sure your ethernet card drivers are up to date. Power cycle your modem and router after this and see if everything is working. Also, go into your router and run a ping test to see if its working correctly. You should do this first, but yes the problem is KyteT is that you need a new router. If updating the drivers do not work.The reason you are having the invalid password issue is that your router software doesn’t recognize that your router is hook up to the internet. If it’s not hook up to internet then it cannot validate your password. Thus, issue is your router. Try to get a mesh router system this time around, if you don’t have one.

Thank you for the suggestions and help. I will updating my 8 year old Belkin n300 router for a new linksys ea7500. I hope doing this resolves my issue. If nothing else I guess my Netflix streaming will be smoother with the new router. I’ll repost in a few days with results.

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Yesterday I woke up to find all of my tires stolen off of my car and my blink security system recorded nothing. It did record me getting surprised with my vehicle sitting on two bricks and it did record the police officer viewing the incident, but not the heartless criminals. I’m starting to think my blank security system was working with them, it had to be an inside job.

That really sucks, I’m sorry. Were the tires stolen at night? And the other videos that did capture motion the following morning when it was light out?

What is your camera’s sensitivity set to? The PIR sensor can pick up motion differently at day vs night, even at the same sensitivity setting.

Hard to tell if you’re joking, but I think it’s pretty unlikely that someone at blink was involved in your tires being stolen.

An awful thing to wake up to. Wow.

IMO, Blink is an inexpensive, consumer surveillance camera system. Folks that live in an area prone to crimes such as yours should consider a higher-end security system, with better sensors, and real-time response. The system is inexpensive for a reason.

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