Wifi and Sync Module signal strength

How much of a role does the wifi strength play in motion pick-up? It seems like that would be more of a function of the actual motion sensor in the camera and camera positioning. What does the actual wifi connection do for the motion pickup?

Motion is sensed by the Passive Infrared sensor. WiFi comes into play with the “comms” part of the event.

By “comms” do you mean communication?

So does the wifi actually affect the motion detection or is all the camera sensor itself?

The camera senses the motion. However, without a good connection to both router and sync module, you’ll never know there was motion. Camera needs a good connection to router (WiFi). Sync module needs good connection to router (WiFi). Sync module needs good connection to camera (non-WiFi protocol).

If any of these links are sub-optimal, your system may not work, or work poorly.

Move the module around, leave it for an hour or two.

I moved mine around, placing closer to each of my 3 cameras until I found the best location. It seemed to not be where I thought it would be, spaced equally away from all three. That wasn’t the case.

I ended up close to one of the cameras and far from the other 2 and they all showed 3 bars (full strength) after a day of sitting. I initially it was stronger to the cameras farther away, but it levelled out and now works perfectly between the 3 cameras.

I agree ceedee, the ‘meter’ is next to useless. It wasn’t much good before, but it is worse now. No idea why they don’t just put the RSSI value next to the display, as follows:

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Add RSSI. Write tech note. Support issues reduced by half.

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Looks like there is an explanation of the new signal strength meters compared to the old on the blink website.

I wonder how many people actually have full strength on all their cameras. I know I dont and some of them arent very far from the router or sync module.

I want a number. There is a number. Show me the number.

BTW, here’s the correct URL


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There definitely is a lot of variation in the signal strengths from time to time. Sometimes I will have the full signal strength on my 2 cameras that are furthest away while the other ones will not be full then a couple hours the situation will reverse. Everything seems to be working for the most part. One camera I have around 150 feet away. Hopefully it stays that way.

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So I have been comparing at what distance motion starts to get picked up by my cameras. Most days they are pretty similar but some days they can be different, either earlier or later. Is this a function of the wifi strength, or more just that sometimes the cameras sensor fires faster than other times?

It seems like the wifi strength would be more a function of whether you actually get the clip transmitted to the cloud or not.