Wifi and Sync Module signal strength

Everything I have read says that you should have at least 3 bars for signal strength. It appears as though that would be the max signal strength on the signal meter on my blink app. Did they recently change the signal meter with a software update? If so, what is the recommended signal strength?

They did, and I’ve yet to work out how the new relates to the old. I liked it better the way it was.

I just try to maximise all three required signal strengths, and then test extensively. If all things work as expected, repeatedly, then it’s good enough. What else can we do, since we now have no definitive values, or colours, on a scale that seems to have less granularity than before?

Not sure what they were thinking, other than it looks a bit ‘cooler’.

My TP-Link devices give me a numeric strength. Very nice.

Yes, that is nice. The same information is provided to the Blink cloud, and can be pulled down on demand. No reason why they couldn’t show it in the app. Obviously a choice thing on their part.

This is what is pulled down by larume84’s desktop app.

Serial number: 69107nnnn
MAC: f4:b8:5e:nn:nn:nn
Battery voltage: 148
Wifi strength: -45
Firmware version: 2.151
Created: 2018-12-04T20:07:42+00:00

So only my closet camera seems to have full strenth to both the sync module and wifi. Everything seems to work ok on all cameras though. Should I be trying to do something to improve the signal strenths or should I not worry about it? Would be nice to know what the target should be.

If everything is working correctly, I wouldn’t worry about it unless you start getting weird, intermittent problems. The target is simple - maximum signal strengths on all cams and sync module! LOL Enjoy your system - you’ll go crazy trying to tune up the signal strengths as they change frequently through the day (at least mine do). Happy holidays to you and yours!

Would a weak wifi signal result in the live view taking longer to come up? I have noticed that it can range between 6 and 9 seconds to come up depending on the camera. Does that seem normal?

Probably. One way to check is to time how long live view takes on the cam with the strongest signal vs the weaker signal. My live views take a while to come up. Blink is a great system but not as speedy as one would wish!

Thank you. What is the desktop app that is mentioned above and can it be downloaded somewhere? Looks like it has some useful info.

I’m not sure if it is an app or not. It is related to TP Link devices (routers and extenders). @ceedee : can you explain?

Not official, so use at your own discretion. I’m happy with it, and see no issues.

Will it only work with TP Link routers or does it work with all routers?

The desktop viewer is a windows app. The router you have is not relevant.

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Ok I got the desktop viewer working. My best camera wifi strength is -56 and the worst is -76. Should I be looking to try and improve these?

Also, what does the battery voltage info indicate?

WiFi is fine.

What would be the approximate signal strength where it would be too poor to work, any idea?

Very disappointed in range if camera to sync module. Less than advertised. Just installed today. Finding no more than 23 feet if mount outside (only one outside wall made of stucco between units). Cant nearly cover my house. Would have returned but already drilled holes for first camera. Might have purchased a 3 pack and a 2 pack (so two modules), but I already have a 5 pack. Can I just get a sync module. Dont need another camera. Or even better a signal booster???

Yes, you can get another sync. Range issues covered extensively in forum (hint).

I use a $15 repeater.

BTW, camera to sync comms is not WiFi.

Has anyone been able to derermine yet how the new signal strength meter relates to the old signal bar meter that I have seen referenced here? Does Blink have a recommended signal strength for the new meter, as “3 bars” would be full strength now?

I haven’t seen anything. It’s awful…totally useless IMO. As I’ve mentioned before, my TP-Link smart devices give me an actual number.

It’s frustrating, given how important a good WiFi signal is to proper operation of the system.

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