Why is Blink image quality so bad?

I just bought a wyze camera V3 for $25 bucks and the image is like day and night compare to my Blink cameras. Come on Blink you can do much better.

Wyze v3 is better at night, but not better during day. Wyze v2 kinda sucked at night. Plenty of youtube videos out there showing real world performance of all models all brands of this entry level wireless home monitoring camera stuff.

The V3 is better during the day and night. I both cameras and the difference in quality is very noticeable. Blink can do better.

You’re correct, it’s called Ring. Amazon has zero incentive to change Blink very much. Both Blink and Ring are kicking ■■■ in sales numbers. Amazon is smart enough to not mess that up.

Wyze is like the best thing since sliced bread. However like bread, it can be gone at any time at a moments notice. Toys come and go, fast! The life cycle of super cheap consumer electronics has historically been short lived. Amazon could scoop up Wyze and throw them out the window. You may want to look back at why Amazon bought Blink in the first place. It was NOT to further develop Blink. But rather use Blink as a donor organ to further develop other products that Amazon sells.

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Except with my Wyze toys if they went my money clip wouldn’t care too much. Can get like 4 Wyze Cams for 1 blink. But there are trade offs, blink is wireless and last a long time if used right for one so if you cant run power you’re only wyze option is the Outdoor cam or power bank.

This $30 doorbell though is pretty tits.

No doubt Wyze is priced way less, but the OP saying why is Blink image quality so bad…totally an opinion and not factual. Like I said, there are way too many side by side comparision vids on youtube, bitchute, rumble, etc.

Hopefully OP figures it out. Maybe something changed/interference? It’s been over a year since I used blink but I remember blink having pretty good video quality.

I have the Blink settings all on best video and still the 1080 is nowhere as good as the quality of the wyze camera. I have 6 Blink cameras and two wyze V3. I compare it side by side on the phone and TV screen.

I can trust your words…a newbie that first post is bash blink. You have no evidence to post showing your test resutls.

Or I can watch actual videos on youtube, see live resutls, and get comparison videos from people with youtube channel that is non biased.

Take your pic on these real world comparision videos.

Which one do you think people on a Blink community forum are going to believe?

I don’t do biased bullchit. I do facts.

This is not about bashing Blink more so they improved it. I had Blink cameras almost a year so your newbie little comment don’t count.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Oh ya, welcome to the community.

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Thank you, i have been here for almost a year. Just haven’t Post nothing. Another thing is the field of view, is only 110. Sorry to rant, I Ike the Blink cameras for the convenience they offer just want them to improve.


Here is a side by side pic of both cameras. Big difference.

What part of this didn’t you understand. The part where I was agreeing with you or something else? Wyze 3 wins at night vision hands down. Wyze 2 night vision, not so much. There will always be a better cheaper China solution. I won’t buy it because China has F’ed USA I ran out of fingers counting the ways. Let’s start with ZTE, Hawaii, and Wuhan for examples.

Let’s not go there, but I will comment on the views shown, regardless of whether Wyze is better or not.

First, they are not correct and fair comparisons, because they are not both in night vision. The second shot is clearly in full colour, and they are not of the same view, by a long way.

Force Blink into daytime view, and give it the same view as the second shot, and it will make for a correct comparison. I’m sure it won’t be as good, because otherwise you wouldn’t be bothering to go to so much trouble, but at least it would be a reasonable comparison.

Also, is the Wyze cam fully wireless? If not, it can never be a fair comparison, because there are many compromises Blink has to make with regard to how battery is consumed. Low light colour settings would be one. Resolution another. WiFi power consumption all affected by such things.

Anyway, no doubt the second picture is nice and clear. If that’s fully wireless, and has a similar battery life to Blink, then when they become available in the UK, I’ll definitely be giving them a look.

Let’s not go there? Come across the pond and you’ll find out why so many Americans are absolutely pissed off at China.

Yes Wyze cam 3 is not full wireless - needs power via usb port, outdoor rated, much better night vision than Blink as well other brands. Price in USA 25-35 dollars. Better product with better price. But not wireless that I couldl find. Its a China owned company so I’m out. And it’s sold out so all of this is a moot point till it goes full wireless and it’s available again.


They are both in night vision at the highest setting. Wyze has a wireless outdoor camera but the V3 is much better. Anyway Blink I’m sure will update the cameras so must likely they will improve them.