Why do the I need to cycle my router to keep my cameras working?

I have 3 Blink outdoor cameras, all on the same Sync module 2. All 3 cameras at the same time seem to stop recoding motion and live view does not work, This happens randomly then later they start to work again. The only thing I have found that fixes this issue at least temporarily is to cycle my router off and on which I am not going to do several times a day just to keep these cameras operational. Below is what I have done to debug the issue. Any ideas as to what else I can do?

General info:

• My router is a Nighthawk® X6S Tri-Band WiFi Router
• My internet service has an average download speed in excess of 230 Mbps and an upload speed in excess of 10Mbps
• I have just installed 3 new outdoor Blink cameras all on one sync Module 2 and on the non 5G router band.
• On the Blink app when available all three cameras show 3 bars of connection to both the Sync module and camera and OK battery strength.
• Updated to firmware 10.38
• Sync module is located within 2 ft of the router, no camera is further than 30 ft from the module with no more that one wall separating the signal and module.

What I have done:

• When the cameras stop working I have brought all 3 cameras into the house and placed then next to the sync module. This did not get the cameras working. Note the cameras during this period have a blue light on when detecting motion.
• Cycled the sync module off to on and this also did not help.
• During this period my two nest cameras as well as other WIFI connected appliances remained on line, functioning properly so the issue is not the router.
• Also as a test during this period I disconnected all other items on the network to make sure network traffic was not an issue and the cameras still did not work.
• Walk away and 30 minutes and all the cameras are working. This happened three times so it is not an isolated issue.
• I have also cycled my router on and off and this non-working period and it did temporarily fix the issue but later in the day the same issue happened again. This is not an acceptable solution.

So is it your super cool neato fancy tri band router or is the Blink hardware that is the problem? I’m betting the router.

Do two tests to find out. On a temp basis…
Run Blink off of the hotspot on your phone
Run Blink off of a brain dead super simple entry level router with 2.4Ghz only.

I’m reading more and more complaints from customers of the newer multi capability routers not working with Blink. You may find it is something as simple as your router does auto switching of channels and/or frequency. The auto switch is in the name of throughput efficiency. Blink doesn’t play nice when that happens. You can also try your existing router and setup a guest account. See of Blink runs stable on the guest account. You may find the guest side is a dumbed down side and doesn’t do the auto switching.

Guess on my end. Free stuff to try on your end.
As the infamous Ron would say…good luck and let us know how you make out.


why didn’t they come up with a better system then 2.4 or make it compatible with 5. I dont know but that is 90%of all smart home devices will only run on 2.4 and won’t take to the self splitting assigning. i have my 2.4 and my camera still dosent perform well. this may just be a user error on my end but it is one of the only devices i have issue’s with. also not pushing on but wyze has been a very user friendly for me affordable but maybe just what i got first and figured out how to use first.

also i saw a post about 4 months ago is why i even signed up. it was blink sucks i belive and couple of you told him dhow it is but some one mentioned a link that was a self dignosis or somthing like but there was no self sign up to have a toure have us do so if you can remember (i know not good explanation) any how wether i think it sucks or not i have it and i want it to work and obviously they can work as there is a lot of souporters for this or atleast there was.

sorry spelling grammar sucks

I can’t answer all your questions or points, but I can perhaps explain why it is 2.4GHz only, and why 90%, or more, of all IoT devices are also 2.4GHz only.

First, 2.4GHz was first, so is well established, but second 2.4GHz has more range and penetration than 5GHz. Sure, 5GHz has faster data rates, but this is not required for a few bits of data to turn a light switch on or off, and it isn’t even required to stream video from a Blink camera. What is required is good range, and the ability to pass through walls etc. It also uses more power, when enabled, and that is critical to Blink’s battery powered cameras.

Want to stream 4K to your laptop, and your TV, then yes, 5GHz can be important.

Oh, and I think the self diagnosis app you are referring to is RouteThis. Download it, install it, and run. When prompted, enter the code BLNK, and it will analyse your network’s suitability for Blink. You can then read what it says under recommendations, and it will also give you a unique key, relating to your results, so that if you call Blink support, they can view that report too, once you give them the key.