Which power source is the XT using when plugged in?

When you have the Blink cameras plugged in to power via the micro USB to an outlet and still have good batteries in the camera, which power source is it using? The batteries or the ac connection?

It is using the AC connection and the batteries are back up.

Great. That’s what I was hoping to hear. Thanks!

The unfortunate thing is that the camera itself doesn’t seem to report which power source it’s on, and that, to me, is a HUGE gap.

I’ve installed my cameras with their batteries in them, because I want backup in case my hardwired power fails (I use GFCI outlets, since my cameras are outside). I discovered just yesterday that one of my camera’s batteries were drained, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. It seems that some critter had gnawed thru the power cable running into the camera to the point that it was no longer receiving power from the plug, but it kept working because the batteries were present. Or at least it was until those were drained, with NO notification that the power source had switched. If at least there was a notification when power sources switched, I’d have known something was up (I’d have checked the GFCI, found it had power and then kept troubleshooting until I found the frayed wire). But instead, I get to replace not only the wire itself, but also the set of batteries, all because the camera can’t seem to report which power source it’s using.

Please, please, Blink Product Management, think about prioritizing this feature into your backlog. It’d provide real customer value, especially for those of us that have gone to the trouble of hardwiring our cameras.

Agreed. Plus, all the controls act the same in the app whether it’s on battery or ac. For example, the live view still gives the continue option after a few seconds because of battery drain. If you are on ac it shouldn’t give that warning and it should also state somewhere in the app that you are using ac and not battery.

More disappointing, is that this is data that the camera reports to the server, and could easily be shown in the app, as a battery icon, or a bolt of lightning, or a little plug.

How do I know it’s available data, because there is a 3rd party desktop app that’s available, that actually displays whether my cameras are powered or not.

Check out the little screenshot below:

Also includes serial numbers, which I hopefully blanked out, lol.

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Wow. And this program is???

Well, it’s third party, user created, so unsupported by Blink, but you can find the details of it in the forum.

That is nuts, I can’t believe the cameras have the capability to do and they have never implemented it in the app. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Thank you.

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That’s exactly what I thought, as soon as I saw it in larume84’s app.

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Yep, it’s a classic case of having the functionality in the camera, having the API’s to get it, and not exposing it in their app. Why do developers want to drive people to other solutions, rather than making their own the best they can? I get that it may take some time and prioritization to get features into an app, but the Blink app has been around long enough that implementing something at this level seems like a no brainer, especially with a forum where they can get input from users on what they value and would like to see. But maybe it doesn’t drive new camera sales, so they don’t care about those of us that have purchased, and just want to get the best out of our investment.