Which connects first, the wifi or blink module?

I want to put 2 camera in an area that I already know won’t permit them to connect to the blink system, due to distance. In order to provide connectivity I need to know if the cameras first connect to wifi and then connect to the blink module? Or do the cameras first connect to the blink module?

If the cameras first connect to wifi then I could just use a wifi extender to solve my connectivity issues. However, if the cameras connect to the blink module first, it won’t work. In this case I’m wondering if Blink has come out with a “Blink module range extender” that I haven’t heard about yet!

I don’t know which it does first, but it matters not, because it needs to be able to connect to them both, at all times, so if you only extend the WiFi to that area, it will not work, at all, because it will not be able to connect to your sync module, which is still in your original area.

There is no Blink range extender, for their proprietary sync module comms, but there is a solution to your problem. Once you have extended the WiFi, to cover the area in question, just add another sync module, and tell it to connect to your new WiFi hotspot SSID. Then, connect the camera to that sync module.

If the new extender has a separate SSID to your main Wi-Fi, then it cannot get confused, and must connect to the extender, ensuring you always connect to the stronger of the two signals.

In this way, you have a completely separate system, and it will show as such in your app. I have five sync modules at home, set-up exactly like this, and they look like this in my app.

Simply scroll sideways to access each one. Each can have multiple cameras, up to ten, I believe.

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Wow, thanks so much for your reply based on your own personal experience! This is exactly what I was looking for! :grin::+1:

I appreciate that you took the time to reply to my question!

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