When open the app the screens are blank then they populate

I usually open the app from my Galaxy A71 5G occasionally with my I pad and it opens okay. Also when I update the view I always have full bars never a bad signal the live view fails a lot of the time after refreshing the view. Like I said the signal strength and quality aren’t the question. I got the indoor mount so I would know if there is a signal problem. Anybody come across this?

Thank you in advance Ed

Mine comes up blank sometimes too. Nothing to do with bad/weak wifi signals. My guess it’s a bug in a recent mobile app update release. For the last 3 years has never been an issue. Now in last couple months, it is a new problem. Galaxy A11 for me.

Agreed, recent change has caused this. Not a deal breaker for me, because it isn’t coupled with a lack of ability to perform live view, but it’s definitely a recent bug. Just like Joel, years of not having this issue, and now, since a month or so, often.

Pretty sure it didn’t even used to do it when there was no WiFi or 4G at all for my phone. Now, if I had to guess, I would say it does it when I am at the brink of my phone’s WiFi range, and the phone can’t decide whether it should be on WiFi or 4G.

The Blink app should use the previously cached images, but I think it thinks it should be able to call up new, because the phone is connected by WiFi, but it fails because the WiFi is bad.

Definitely a new bug though, whatever the cause. Live view issues, I think, would be a different matter.