What is this guy doing in the clip?

Last night, Blink caught 2 teenagers in the alley at 9:30pm - 9:40pm walking back and forth and loitering. I have several clips. They are definitely smoking something in other clips. However, what do you think the guy in the back is doing? He’s twisted towards my house and taps something (maybe on his phone)? It seems strange that he would be twisted liked that. Most people just walk with their phones in front of them.

I’m disappointed that Blink didn’t pick up audio in this clip @nick_at_blink

Had I seen the clips right away, I would have called the police to check it out. However, I didn’t see the clips until 2+ hours afterwards. (I wasn’t paying attention to my phone.) They were definitely smoking something, but I won’t share that clip here. I’m just curious what you think is happening in the first clip, and what can I do to get better audio pick up (second clip)?

Looks like he was taking a picture of your property maybe or something on it?

Probably nothing you can do to get better audio short of buying different cameras. Mine pick up audio from that distance pretty decent if people are talking at normal levels. Maybe these clowns were being quiet. The Blink XT have a very audible clicking/hardware noise.

My ring spotlight cam I had had clear audio and none of the background noise. I think ring uses some sort of noise cancelation?

My only thought is he could be looking for open WIFI networks.

They are playing Pokemon on their cell phones


Have you switched the blue light off on your Blink? It may have attracted their attention?

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Wow, that’s really strange, but thank you for sharing @livingtx. It seems to me he is taking a picture or a video; maybe sending a snapchat? That is strange with the audio, mine also usually works from that distance so I’m not sure why it failed to pick up. That background noise is pretty bad though; is that something in the environment or do you think that’s the camera letting off that noise?

@nick_at_blink There is nothing in the background that makes that noise. It’s just the camera.

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There have been a few comments about this sort of noise in other posts on the forum.

When it was on mine I likened it to “what sounds like a very rapid Morse code / ticking / rapid manual typewriter.”

Couldn’t find a solution so turned the volume down on my tablet.

I know this is over 2 months old, BUT this looks like based on what the second guy has in his hand (doesn’t look like a phone and something is hanging) a scan device. What are they scanning for or doing? looking for keyfobs of cars and garage doors. There is a device that LOOKS like a smart phone to the average person, but its really a device for scanning for signals, when they latch onto a signal they unlock a car as if they had the keyfob. Happened to my Wife’s car twice before we figured out what they were doing.

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Yessss…turn that blue light alllllll the way off.