What is this and what do it do?

What is this walking person icon on the home screen?

The documentation clearly addresses this. Please read it, and come back here with further questions, Thanks.

I got the blink mini and it comes with no paperwork or instructions at all so here i am

You sir are no help at all please get off the forums they are for people to ask questions and get answers. Anj just so you know there is no support link on this page if you come from the app

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Here is is. Stop whining, and start learning.


By the way, I found this link the app…here…

Its ok sir I was contacted by a very helpful person who let me know in 10 words that the icon shows if the motion detection is on or off. So no further input from you is needed. Thank you for being soooooo helpful. I hope you have a great day. please know this post should be read in a condescending and coddling tone because you are possibly the worst person I have ever had the displeasure of conversing with


Mission accomplished.

BTW - I gave you everything you needed to be successful on your own. Oh well…

Let others answer the simple ones. Or better yet…wrong answers are free.

On a daily basis, Blink users refuse to read the ownera,manual at the support website. They want and expect correct answers on a silver platter with no effort on their end. Give them a link to the support website and let it be. There is absolutely no obligation to answer any question, give advice, or even help. Again, I suggest let others handle the easy ones.

Joel–You may have a lot more experience with programs than others; and you may learn a lot differently than others. When I work with a new program, I start clicking around–trying this and that and figuring it out. Others really need, not because they can’t think or are less intelligent, some basic–seems to obvious help. Don’t sound so denigrating.


Well I do have an advanced degree in RTFM.

Sound? I’m not wearing my hearing aids. As such, I don’t detect any denigrating tones in the human audio spectrum. My dog didn’t hear any either.

WOW! I cant believe how rude people are to answering a simple question.

That “icon” is to let you know when your camera is picking up motion or not. When you click “armed” and the figure is dark, your camera will pick up motion to the setting you have selected. When the icon is faded (like in your screenshot) it is not using motion detection.

You don’t spend much time on social media there sexy troll do ya!!! We all know the game of the same person or batch of friends having multiple accounts. Then a 1st time post is bashing the same person over and over. WOW!. I can’t believe how creative you are.

A simple question (your words) can often be answered via documentation or FAQs. The OP was lazy.

If our behavior bugs you, then direct “simple questions” to Blink support.

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