What are theses?

I woke up to two alerts and thought I’d had a break in. The videos are 1 minute apart of the same type of thing that people are trying to convince me are moths. Where are the wings? Don’t moths flutter? Is I had moths all night I would have woken up to many notifications.

Welcome to the forums! Since you have not posted any video we have no way of knowing what triggered your camera. Moths are one possibility, could be a bug walking across the camera or some other creature. Bugs are known to be attracted to these cameras. I wouldn’t worry about it since others have seen your video and told you it’s a moth or some other bug.

Moths trigger one of mine on a regular basis. They must like the dark corner. Not so easy to see the wings, or sometimes anything at all, because often they land on the camera, and walk over the sensor, without going over the lens, and sometimes all I see is a brief flutter. On this one camera, I have end clip early turned off, so I often get to see them fly off, after having had little to go off, up until that moment.

Spiders do the same, and sometimes all I’ll see is, briefly, a hairy leg, or sometimes nothing at all, lol.