Web App Access to Camera

It would be really handy to be able to monitor and or control the camera from a Web App. A web app would let it work an any computer and a Browser window could be left on the screen to monitor the camera alerts instead of needing to remove hands from the keyboard and continuously reach for the phone.


Others have requested this feature as well. I’m not saying it won’t be added, just probably not in the near future. The Blink team is small and they have to prioritize features released. The Blink team is well aware of this feature request, but there are other features that will be implemented before we see a web browser.


Yup, if you search for keywords like web or browser, this has been discussed for months.

@xotech has a solution thats apparently pretty reliable though, since it’s used in some kind of industrial setting.


As marktheknife pointed out, there is a viable web based option now.
I have tried it. It works, but a web based option from Blink could be much better.

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Can we make our own web interface using the project from github? https://github.com/MattTW/BlinkMonitorProtocol


Yes, Please add a Web access please :slight_smile:

If anybody is still interested, I’ve started an open source project for building a web portal, details here: https://github.com/adrian-dobre/BlinkWebUI


nice, thank you, ran without issue on my windows laptop

That is why I loved the Amazon Cloud Cam so much. I had webaccess and all was good. Do not understand why Amazon discontinued it.

Wow two years later and we still dont have this?

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I just wanted to take a moment of my time to thank you for your amazing work.

What you and your friends have done, sets an example of what can be done, when people care.

Personally, I feel like the staff over at Blink should hire you and your colleagues, because clearly you all, are far more skillful than any of their programmers.

I’m tired of hearing “oh blink has a small team and they’re focused on bettering what already exists.”

Here you guys are puttting them to shame, with a web UI, that not only looks like a finished product, but for me, is all that I need in a finished product.

Thank you Sir; may you and your friends go far in life.