Wasps attacking cameras!

Does anyone else’s cameras attract wasps. They constantly attack my cameras. They hit both Exterior and regular cameras.

@BamaRambler64: Welcome to the forums! This has been reported and discussed many times on this forum. I suggest you do a forum search to get all the info you can handle! LOL

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Yep I’ve had them attack my cameras. Thought maybe they were forming a nest around it but when I check there is nothing there. They come from somewhere else and swarm the camera then leave.

Yes. I have had the same thing happen about a dozen times! Strange.

I wonder if it is a frequency of the electronics within Blink that is aggravating / attracting the wasps.

I have the same problem with wasps being attracted to my cameras. The only thing that I can associate with this is the electromagnetic signal that the cameras are emitting are attracting the wasps.

This has been driving me nuts for several days. Multiple motion alerts from one particular camera and it’s these dang wasps hovering in front of or right on the lens.

I had this issue with Spiders. I purchased an indoor/outdoor insect repellent, and sprayed around the camera. So far so good, but it’s only been a week.

Not just Blink, btw. My ADT camera has had the problem for years. I read somewhere that the magnetic fields from the electronics attracts them.

Did forum search, can’t find solution or recommendation on how to resolve these wasp attacks.

Appreciate if anyone can share tips, if any. I’ve had over 50+ clips in the last hour … feels like attack of the wasps!!

find the nest and destroy it, its your only option. Wasps generally dont fly far from the nest, so its close.