Want save captured still photos

Simple fix that needs to be incorporated, is the ability to take still shots and save to gallery (or cloud). With a time stamp option would also be nice. Easier to share via text. Say there is a car in your driveway, etc. Of course you can pull a still from video, but that is not always ideal.


Couldn’t you just take a screenshot with your phone of the video? That doesn’t solve the timestamp part but would at least give you the still shot.

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Yes- I do that… I also can edit video and pull a frame. But since it is a camera, why not just let me take photos and save them as jpg files? I mean there is a camera button and it actually takes a photo, but for some reason it will not let me save them without screen shots.


Well this is what I do, to achieve what you want, and it works a treat for me.

Take the thumbnail snapshot in the app, when you’re ready.

Log into your Blink system at the following URL, which I believe is unofficial. Sync mod name is exactly as you have it in your app.


Right click on the thumbnail and choose save as, and put it where you want it to be. Be sure to include .jpg as the filename extension as you rename it, so that the appropriate associated application will run to view your file.

I agree it would be nice to just be able to take and get a nice high res photo at will, or a recording for that matter, but in its absence, this is working adequately for me, at the moment.

Hope this is of help.



I wouldn’t put my info in an unofficial blink website…


Yeah, fair enough, which is why I mentioned that I didn’t think it was official, so others could decide for themselves. From my perspective there isn’t anything in my Blink details that I care about, even if I’m giving it away, which I doubt.

Unless you’re using the same password for your email, which a lot of people most likely are. Not saying you are, just saying.

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Still think it’d be easier to just pause the video and take a screenshot on your phone.

I also would like to use blink cameras to take still photos at various time intervals. That may involve a firmware upgrade to individual cameras or to the base station, but it would be nice.

What would be an easy first step would be to change the phone app to automatically save each thumbnail shot in the local phone gallery , or in with the video clips.

How do we get Blink to add that simple feature? Is there an enhancement request system other than a this forum, which is apparently unmonitored?

Hi @rooksmith,

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. This is absolutely the correct place to leave product suggestions, and this forum is certainly monitored every week day. This feature is not currently in development and unfortunately I am unable to share Blink’s future road-map.

I still think having “still photo” shots saved to the cell phone app should be relatively easy to implement. There are many use cases for it from a home security point of view.

Thanks for the quick response.


Agreed, and there are many more uses for it beyond that of ‘a home security point of view’, which might widen the market appeal of the product, producing more sales.

Not complaining that it doesn’t exist, I knew it didn’t before I purchased, I’m just trying to add support to the request because I could make use of it. Indeed, I already do, using the unofficial toolkit workaround, mentioned above, though I do understand why some might be concerned.

Anyone with security concerns could still make use of this feature, by changing your Blink credentials to some unique, randomly generated, and complex password, before logging in, such as can be generated below, in case you struggle to come up with your own.

Of course this wouldn’t protect your Blink account, if the creator of the previously mentioned tool kit can’t be trusted, because obviously he could potentially harvest your Blink credentials, but it would protect everything else, from someone knowing your Blink credentials. As mentioned by Estpaul above, if you’re using these credentials for something else, maybe for all other things, then yes, it would be way too much of a risk, for sure. Not a good idea to share passwords across platforms and sites anyway, so it might present some with a reason to reconsider their approach to internet security, if they want to use this solution badly enough. If you already share your credentials from other sites with Blink, then unless you have done a security audit of Blink’s security procedures, then you already have no idea what risk you are taking. I haven’t, and for all I know they are held in their database as clear text, for example. Probably not, but I didn’t check, and have no need to, because I don’t care.

Personally, if someone got my Blink credentials, for the system where I’m making use of this workaround, I really couldn’t care any less. Of course I would care if it was the very same person that had the credentials that was trying to break into my remote fishing cabin, in the middle of nowhere, and could reprogram the system, but the odds of that are inconceivably small. Hell the odds of my cabin being broken into in the first place are currently running at once in fifty years, which explains why my primary use for this system is not for that of security, and why I want to get a photo on demand, and better still a video on demand as well.

My Wyze cams have this basic feature. Boggles my mind that the Blink XT2 doesn’t have this ability. This would be easy to implement. I also would like this feature to capture a still from the Blink cameras and have it saved to the gallery on my phone. Can take screenshots but then you have to crop and it’s a pain oh and the quality isn’t as good either. Oh and with the new XT2 having a talk button, now that would be included in the screenshot as well. Needing a still capture option even more now.


Saving stills is a simple feature that’s standard on most security cameras and even cheap dashcams. It’s especially important for Blink because it offers a way to keep an eye on things without using a lot of storage or connection bandwidth. Users have been asking for this for a couple of years now. Please let us know when we can expect to see this feature added.


Just an fyi. No one from blink has had any interaction here for a few months I believe. So you most likely wont get an answer.

How many people have asked for this feature (less than 100) vs. how many cameras have sold (well over 500,000 worldwide = absolutely astounding success. Success for who? Successful ROI for Amazon investors. Those investors are Amazon’s customers. You and I, we are Amazon’s consumers. When you view how businesses do or don’t do something, it’s all about the Benjamins. ROI is king!

Using the numbers from above
100/500,000 = 0.02% have asked for the save still photo feature. The math does not support developing a feature only 2 tenths of 1% have wanted over an extended period of time. Doing the math, you would need 5,000 people ALL asking for the same feature to be developed to get to just 1% of cameras sold.

ROI and what percent of consumers have asked for a feature = the harsh truth of non development.

100 that you know of, there is a suggest feedback form that doesn’t show visibility like this forum so you can’t really know for sure how many. Could be more, also if anyone mentions it in the app or camera reviews.

Find 5,000 and you’re at less than 1%
Hard to argue with math.

Only Blink knows the true number.

What is going on?