Vinyl Siding

Any ideas on mounting the cameras on vinyl siding that don’t require drilling holes?

Here’s what I use on my new siding : Get the ones with the screw. You screw the mount to the hook, pop into the siding seam and you’re good to go!

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I’ve used this stuff before:

It’s heavy duty for sure, but the no hole hook suggestion by @ronsec is really a great idea.

I also use outdoor double sided tape when mounting cams to my trim (fascia, window frames). I hesitate to use it on siding because I think the siding might flex too much and eventually weaken the bond. My cams have been up over a year using both methods with no issues at all.

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I cut some aluminum flashing the width of the XT mount, bent it tin a “J” shape and after mounting the camera mount to the piece of flashing hook it to the side of my house, where the wall meets the eave. Works great.