View via Web Browser Needed


I have some Cammy wifi cameras and access via a PC is possible

Indeed a Great idea! I wish Blink would work on this…

I agree 100%, this is a much needed feature.

I have created my own app to do this via their API. I download my videos and view them from my pc and have a task setup to offload them to a website so I can view them in a browser.

Blink - customers have been asking for a way to login and view live feeds since 2017. What the heck is wrong??? Why haven’t you done this feature?!?

Maybe licensing rights and/or patents don’t allow it.
Maybe sales never suffered enough to justify it’s development
Maybe the new parent company Amazon NEVER had plans for it and still don’t.

And my #1 favorite…Blink is being kept dumb on purpose so it doesn’t infringe on Ring sales and other products Amazon markets.

Bottom line is, you’ll never know. There is as of today, only 146 threads in this subject. 146 is friggin tiny number compared to how many Blink cameras have been sold. What does that tell me? Not enough customer interest to spend the money to offer it. Lord knows existing Blink customers don’t want to pay any more money for additional features/benefits.

Please add this feature! It would be super useful for everyone that uses Blink.

Many thanks

The lack of support and features from Blink is a joke. Now that they own Ring I can’t see Blink getting any decent updates or features. They now a similar priced Ring battery camera out.

Think I’m going to jump ship and get another brand of camera’s. I actually like the blink camera but everything else isn’t great and let’s the whole system down.

Count me in also!!!

for sure it is a mandatory feature, as Arlo go provides a web browser to do so.
So Amazon, as you are like tech lead on innovation, you should provide it…

Just a thought…try NOX…works for me and it’s on my desktop.