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Re: security, just to mention that the URLs to our images/videos are secured correctly as part of Blinks implementation, e.g. access will only work if correctly authenticated and subsequent calls provide a valid token. All works as expected.

Unfortunately due to how I’m retrieving a list of video files when there’s more than one person on the server caused some unexpected behavior! No fault of Blinks setup. I’ve been able to reproduce now - just need some time to fix.

Add me to the list. I think all of Blinks top competitors offer this. I probably would not have bought my Blink if I had been aware of this limitation. My fault for not doing enough homework before buying

I agree, but then provide third party integration possibilities (and restrictions to maintain any internal/cloud provider SLA’s) for those developers who are willing to invest the time and effort - such as the developer who had integrated Blink with SmartThings but was later shutdown, as well as what @nutcracker was doing.

No longer viable. The site is down as the Blink Team asked him to do so.

Mirror it

Totally Agree. Only thing that keeps me from buying more Blink systems.

Has anything been done for this?

Old like this too.

One big reason is the new investment Developers need to make must be super high, or Blink doesn’t have the capability in house – they’re hardware developers, not web developers. This could be a simple, natural expectation from us as customers, but this could be a large constraint of the architecture, meaning refactoring the back end introduces large risk, which could quickly could kill this business.

With that said, I think software expectations these days leads companies to rewrite their software often enough to make it interesting, so refactoring the entire system to be platform agnostic is good work for many customers-facing companies–and I think for Blink too.

The problem in the industry today is customers are finicky, and we expect enhancement without having to pay too much. An ideal solution is a fast, responsive, simple website that mimics the app (to start), and leverages the wider screen on a desktop. The same features of downloading, sharing, viewing and configuration are expected on a desktop website software for Blink.

I hope you launch this in the near future.


Not an official solution, but I am just working on this.

Check this thread: Open Source Desktop viewer

What do we have to do to reinforce how important this is. I need to be able to see the details of the image on the video. At least tell us how to download it to the phone. HD camera with a 1 inch viewer seems ridiculous!

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There is a button on android version of app that lets you download the video…looks like a down arrow. What’s on Apple/IOS I don’t know - their stuff is way overpriced! You can pinch/zoom video. You can turn phone its side to go full screen. You can use a bigger screen aka a tablet. What the heck is a 1 inch viewer…a flip phone. Cmon man, calling BS on that one.

Bottom line however, the no web browser because it is difficult to create/engineer and a security risk is just another friggen excuse. I know dang well Blink’s competition has web browser feature. Heck even the stupid simple Ring doorbell works on Windows 10.

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It appears Blink has abandoned its user base. I’m really really fed up with Blink.

Hello Blink Team??? Are you there? Where are you guys??? Years and years and NO ACTION on many many feature requests into your forums.

How unfortunate. I regret my purchase now.

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The point is not to watch our video clips on our PC/tablet/TV - it’s that we want to be able to see the LIVE view that way. I’m also putting my two cents in for a web interface. And while I’m at it, now that Chromebooks are able to download Android apps, it would be nice if the Blink Android App would be compatible with Chromebooks. Right now it’s now - it keeps force closing when I try to use it on my HP Chromebook X2 which, by the way, is the newest model

Thank you Blink team for all your hard work! I know you’re working hard to please everyone!

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Agreed. A google chrome extension would be very nice. I would consider having a chromebook set up as my place to view an large screen if something goes bump in the night.

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Check out lurume84’s thread “Open Source Desktop viewer”. The link is seven posts above.

That would be great! I can’t always have my phone on me so being able to view from the desktop would be amazing!


You can view Blink in Browser Using Works Great

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Use Blue Stacks App Player. It works awesome plus you can use other Apps from Android

Android Emulator supported with investment from Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm and AMD

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