View all (multiple) cameras at once on fire tv?

is it possible to view all of my cameras at the same time when i ask my fire tv?

doesn’t seem very “smart” that you have to ask Alexa to view each camera individually, especially in a potentially dangerous/emergency situation.

one should be able to say “show all cameras” and have them show up on a grid on your tv.


When Blink was introduced a couple years ago, there was little to no integration with home automation/smart devices as not many existed yet. A couple years later, the hardware hasn’t changed much, but the software has a bit here and there.

Over and over I keep reading about existing and future customers want Blink to do what a typical security system does. One of those features is show all cameras and display it to a larger screen than a mobile device. A security system that can do this costs thousands of dollars when you consider hardware, software, as well as installation costs.

Blink is not a security system. It is a monitoring system that costs hundreds rather than thousands. It is marketed for casual home use. It is super easy to install by the home owner as it is wireless and the mobile app is very easy to use with a very short learning curve.

Customers - future and existing keep looking for shortcuts to the extra features and benefits without having to pay for them. You get what you pay for and Blink is the low cost leader. It’s why myself and hundreds of thousands of other owners chose Blink. We bought on price!

Now getting back to what can fire tv do…simply use the search function - magnify glass icon. Type in fire tv. this is your results.

Thanks for the history and technology lessons. But it’s 2019, there’s not reason a consumer system like this, from amazon no less, can’t display multiple streams on one screen. If the technology of Alexa/google and Siri exists among everything else we have nowadays… I should be able to ask my 50$ firetv stick(yeah a small device that I can talk to and have it do things around my house) to view 3 live camera feeds, that cost 300$, at the same time. If Echo/fire devices can do all that it can, for under 200$ then a 300$ set of stick up cameras can certainly show more than one live feed at the same time. ■■■■, they could even knock it down to 360/480 resolutions to keep buffering down.

Don’t tell me the only reason a video system that has live feeds of multiple cameras is because it’s more expensive or “professional” that’s not true and you just gave a long winded alternative to saying “I don’t know why blink hasn’t done a grid view yet”

It’s amazon for ■■■■ sake, it’s their camera, they most certainly CAN do it. Just like you can set up an Alexa routine to that involves playing a song, on an echo device, but if you speak that same routine to a fire stick it can do all other parts of the routine but won’t play the music through your fire stick…but it will execute on a cube…

It was an oversight or they just chose not to add a multi view feature, it’s not that they can’t and keep a certain price point. And even if they wanted to they could just hype up a new feature and change another 40$ for a “faster sync module that will support multi camera streaming on your firetv devices!!!”

And what are you gonna say when they do add this “grid” view option to fire TVs or they just inevitably make a firetv app for blink???


Of course there is a reason. IMHO the simplest one is that Amazon just isn’t that interested in devoting additional resources to this brand.

What exactly amazon’s plan was when Immedia Semiconductor (the company that created Blink cameras) was acquired is anyone’s guess, but it probably had a lot to do with their extremely low-power chip technology and bringing it to other amazon products.

Perhaps the brand has been laying low for the nearly 1.5 years since amazon acquired it, and we will soon all be wowed by an explosion of new Blink app features or hardware. I believe that is unlikely at this point, but I’d be happy to be proved wrong.

That all cameras view at once is technologically possible yes, especially in 2019. But not at at Blink price point. People forget/ignore that part of the argument. When I ask how much would you be willing to pay extra for this extra feature/benefit, 99% of the time is…zero. I want/expect it for free. It’s a mobile app for christ sake is an answer back I have received. Well guess what. MOST of the mobile apps on your phone do not get free upgrades. Most of the apps on an Android phone are garbage you’ll never use aka bloat ware.

Regarding Amazon, they needed the low power chip technology and long battery life to develop products for Amazon Key services. Ring is part of the Key services. Ring continues to release new products. Blink ended up being a body parts donor for a sister company.

If you think Blink is going to develop something just because you really want it, put the crack pipe down. There are thousands of people in this community forum that are in the same boat with no results. They have been waiting in line for somewhere between 1 and 2 years. Realize there are over 14 thousand community forum members currently. Less than 1% of all suggestions for an additional feature/benefit have EVER been implemented by Blink.

hmm lol yet wyze cam (the 20 dollar hd camera) can be linked with tiny cam to view multiple cams at once, (on fire tv too) or with an update they just realised you can view all your cameras live from one sxreen. It’s because wyze actually listens to their customers. Hell a very small group of people wanted to be able to put their camera inside facing out a window and wanted it to be able to turn off the infrared lights because they were causing a glare in the glass. What did wyze do? They released an update that allows you to turn off the infrared leds without taking away the night vision. I own a blink system and its garbage. I paid 400 bucks for the 4 camera xt system. Now all those camera are taken down and have been replaced with all wyze cams and wyze pan cams. I have 13 wyze cams and paid half than what I did for that garbage blink and wyze has way more features. Turn on and off the led from the app and not a stupid little switch, it let’s you know when your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off etc… wyze is far better than blink

How did they manage that? I’m not that familiar with Wyze cams, but if you turn off the IR light that was the source of illumination for the camera in low (visible) light conditions, then how does the camera retain its “night vision” capability?

Alot of wifi security cameras u can turn off the infared. I have 4 that u can shut off IR & also the light that just shows its working. Mine are called EZVIZ & i paid $19.99- $35 for each of them & they are amazing. I wish i would have got wyze now that i hear u can view all at once in tv cuz thats really annoying that such a simple thing is so outta reach🙄

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trucker_V, this is hilarious, EXACTLY what I was thinking. Funny we have not heard response from fanboy Joel_Ek! I really went heavy into purchasing these things, was hoping for more development but REALLY slow, especially when you compare them to WYZE, which I am also heavy into. I do like the total wireless but find myself holding off on since requested changes seem to take so long. want to make sure worth it in long run. I pay extra for the WYZE longer recording which I am happy to do. I DEFINATELY did not go to blink for the cash savings. it is the ease of use with no wires. I can get 4 camera with everything one wishes for here for less…but of course the wires.

Wow…AOBO has been doing this at 50.00 a camera for years. Blink is behind the curve.

Wyze cam can be linked to view multiple cams at once With No Additional Fees…

I get so sick of people feeling like every comment is directed to them. A simple question was asked, it required a yes, no or maybe even a little explanation. Instead some douche decides he needs to ‘educate’ us on the economy and history of blink. Well that was not the question if you do not know the answer scroll on you don’t have to answer.

The answer is that it is not available yet, they are looking at a way to downsample the video so that it will not bog down on a WiFi device.