Video storage

Correct but a terrible business model. Maybe you could build one from the ground up with your proprietary chip and compete against them. I wish McDonald’s offered the Mcrib year round …it would be so easy… but they don’t because it doesn’t make sense for the business.

To be fair most solutions on the market do require cloud services… like it or not. I would prefer a local “fall back” mechanism as well for the sake of redundancy and overall security but I understand the “cloud first” mentally from a business stand point. It would be great to have the best of both worlds!

Unfortunately, that’s not what im looking for. I was hoping they would have some sort of web-service setup for this already (maybe even the ability to access the cloud like you can Apple devices)
I want to see the option to chose where to store clips, if you want it direct to a HD on the network, vs the cloud. Though, like I’ve previously read, i think this is them being greedy not letting us have that ability or not thinking of other options.

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Right now if there is a video I want to save I open video and send it to my email and download it.
Not having direct access to storage is bad but what is worse is everything running through there servers. Suppose they say they closing doors! We are screwed. It would be nice to run everything from our own home network so to speak. I have plenty of storage space for video, and most gets deleted anyways. Hopefully somewhere down the line it would be nice for a standalone setup which was totally independent of there servers.

Blink designed their product and it’s cloud architecture the way they did. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on that, but how is it productive to accuse them of “greed” for not designing a system to your exact demands?

As consumers, doesn’t it make sense to vote with our feet? In other words, buy a camera that meets your needs rather than complaining about one that doesn’t.

Also totally unproductive to personally attack other users on this forum. I’ve flagged your last post for a mod to review.

Also FYI, Blink invited some users to beta test their iOS and android apps; those of us that responded got that badge for android or Apple added to our avatar images by Blink. No user added that icon on their own, nor did we even have the option to decline it.

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Just FYI guys last time things got personal Blink mods locked the thread and admonished everyone equally. I’d hate to have an otherwise productive thread locked because of personal disputes. Maybe just agree to disagree and let’s all keep improving Blink with our feedback and suggestions !

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More than happy to do that. Disagreeing doesn’t have to degenerate into name calling (like fan boy) as far as I’m concerned.

I totally agree @marktheknife , and I was not calling you out at all. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up what would inevitably happen if the course wasn’t reversed. I really hope this community stays pleasant and civil. There is so much division in other places this place is honestly a bit of a refuge for me where I can
geek out :grinning:

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No worries, I appreciate you trying to keep things on topic.

I got a NVR from old ones wish I could save it in it it 1 tb big and I can’t get the IP from the camera it just like the old days aol use to do this

Whats “NVR”

NVR is call network video recorder. Google NVR and it to you all about what it is I like I can have up to 500 GB of space for the camera

Just read everything you guys are discussing and more about the blink cameras. Everybody is complaining there is no web interface. In this day and age anybody with a little research ability can have a web interface and local storage very easiliy.

I am using a lot of blink cameras to monitor my remote sites and I did not want to login to different accounts all the time. There is a very nice android emulator called nox player and I installed to my monitoring computer. It allows you to open 6 different instances of the software. I have opened 2 instances and installed blink app and logged in to my different accounts.

We have a 24hr systems monitoring and my control room operators now keep the both apps on screen (they can open more if they wanted to. Like their homes and other places. Yes they all buy cameras after I installed them) and if there is any motion they check the clip instantly on the main screen instead of the mobile phone. We download all the necessary clips to our hard drive and keep them.

Also anybody with the app and the proper access right get the same motion alarms on their phones. Very simple.

I am sure Blink is working on many aspects of their system to develop a better product for us users and the input we give them is very important. I believe before being negative we should all research a little and give them good input and time to come up with better product.


Blink team keep up the good work. Anybody wants to know more about the emulation please do not hesitate to contact me.



Wow, @xotech. That’s so cool! I had no idea software like that even existed, but I love the setup you have going; very creative. I really appreciate the positivity and you sharing this info. Do you have someone professionally monitoring through this, or is it just for you to monitor?

Hi there,

We have couple of remote sites and I had limited budget to put surveillance there. When I started using Blink for my house I decided to put couple to the remote sites and have them monitored by the operators in 24 hrs control room we have for our facilities and pipelines. I have downloaded the Nox player and created instances for each site and have them log in to it and monitor it 24hrs. If there is any motion detected we send someone to check it out if required. We also download the motion clips and log them at the hard drive.

I will install couple of cameras to my pipeline meter skids so I can monitor them remotely also for leak detection and surveillance. The only thing is we are in North Dakota and get very cold winters. I am not sure how the XT will handle -40 here. So before I go ahead I will see how the existing cameras handle cold and if they are OK will install them on the pipeline.

I have one recommendation, I have seen somewhere you had the LAN port on your sync modules earlier. I know you did not intended blink cameras for industrial customers like me but that port would be great for outdoor installations with distance from the wireless routers.


I got the emulator working on Mac, but I can’t seem to find the location of the files in Mac OS. :frowning: All the documentation seems to be for PC and not Mac, unfortunately. If you happen to know where the files are saved in Mac OS, please let me know. I see them in the emulator, but that’s not really helpful for me to be able to hand over to the police or something.

I do not have a MAC and cannot comment much. I found downloaded videos in the movies folder in the SD Card using File explorer on the home screen. From there you can share them to any folder you want. Your computer you will find them at the C:\Users[USername]\NoxShare folder

What was involved in setting that up?
Complex or pretty easy?

Just download the NOX player and install it in your machine and download your blink app just like your phone and start using it, very easy.

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I am on windows 7. Is that compatible?