Video Not Saving in the Cloud?

I know I’m having network issues at my home that are being fixed, but all of a sudden my videos are not being saved to the cloud. I can see live video from the camera both within my local network and outside my local network (such as when I’m using 4G from my mobile phone provider). The sync device is online and I see it in the DHCP on my router. But I don’t see the history in the app they way I used to last week.

I’ve rebooted the router and rebooted the sync module. No change. The app status shows the camera connected to wi-fi and the camera to sync module. I’m using firmware 2.151.

I’ve contacted Blink support and they just said that the camera is having trouble uploading to the cloud and suggested I reboot the router which I did.

Anyone else having similar issues?

They just added a subscription requirement to the devices after months/years. So there is a chance your devices are borderline useless if you’re not paying the fee. Automatically recording video is now a premium service somehow.

"Is a Blink Subscription Plan required to use my Blink products?
No. Your Blink products provide their standard features (such as motion alerts, live view, and two-way audio) without any subscription. "

That’s an old quote. You know it, I know it, and many others know it. However, if you activated a “system” before April 15, 2020 you are grandfathered in and continue to get free cloud storage for that system… A system is an account and a sync module tied together.

Read this for more info. Especially the existing account storage

I purchased my camera in 2018 so I presume I should be grandfathered in with free cloud storage. It is possible that the reason the recording stopped is a setting on their servers? The tech support people keep telling me it’s a network issue, but I can see live streams from the camera both within my local network and when I’m outside the network. All my other devices don’t seem to have an issue.

A setting on their servers IS a network issue. Remember, a network is a bunch of servers and individual computers tied together.

Study up on what you get when you DON’T have a subscription. Live stream and notifications. The rest of the features are tied to subscriptions. However, getting the proper “network settings” on a per user basis appears to be a challenge for Blink. Who and what is grandfathered is easy on paper but harder in real life. If you have a combo of old and new Blink hardware, that’s where I’m guessing the snafu comes in.

All I have is the very old original XT outdoor and sync module 1. I have NONE of the subscription issues recently reported. I’m so grandfathered in I’m on disability plan. The old hardware doesn’t support local storage nor subscriptions.

I also have XT and a sync 1 module. It’s supposed to include 7,200 total seconds of video and delete oldest recordings when it reaches that limit. This was working as specified until last week when I noticed that there are no recordings. I can see live video but no recordings are saved.

I rebooted the sync module and even reset it up on the wifi network. No change. I contacted Blink support and they’re telling me the issue is that I have a merged 5G/2.4G network (both use the same SSID) and that I need to separate the networks for this to work. That doesn’t make sense to me since this has been working on the merged network for 18 months and I can see live video even though I’m on the merged network.

I hesitate to change my network since I have lots of devices on it and would have to update each device with a network name if I was to separate the networks with different names. Before I do that, does their solution make sense (split the network)?

No, it does not make sense.

When things like this happen to me, not necessarily with Blink alone, especially when support fails to help properly, I’m prepared to try a lot of things to find out what the problem is. This is my nature, and it helps being retired, thus having as much free time as I choose to allocate to it.

If it were me, I simply wouldn’t buy that a merged network is the issue. First, 5GHz isn’t even available in the sync module or the camera. Even if it’s on the chips, because it may not be possible to get chips without 5GHz now, it will not be turned on. This means that the Blink items can only see and do 2.4GHz things, so how can the presence of 5GHz have any impact?

Better, it has worked perfectly for you for years, as it has for me. I have a merged SSID network, and I have no issue at all with Blink, in this regard. Some IoT devices do have a problem, but this is because my phone is often connected to my 5GHz channel, and they tell me that I cannot set it up whilst I’m on 5GHz.

If this had been a problem to me, with Blink, I would have thought nothing of it, and simply disabled 5GHz for the duration of set-up, which is what I do for other IoT devices, and then turn it back on afterwards, always without issue. They too cannot see the 5GHz, and the router can’t see them, on the 5GHz band, so neither cares that it’s on. It’s only during set-up, when they talk to your phone, and they ‘panic’ if your phone is connected to 5GHz. Not that the phone would have any issue, when you have to connect directly to the device, because it would just switch to 2.4GHz, but still, the devices moan, for some reason. Blink however does not.

So, it works for me, and has for years. It worked for you, and has for years, and yet they blame your network. How can this be? Maybe your network changed, even unbeknown to you? A firmware update, or similar? Or, Blink support are giving you a bum steer.

Here’s how I would test it, and prove that the issue was account based or not. This is not without risk, in case the camera will not join back to your existing account, but I would still do it.

First delete a sync module and XT camera from your existing account. You now have a complete, unowned, system. Now, log out of your Blink app, and create a brand new account. Obviously you will need a real, viable, email account, that has not been registered with Blink before. Be sure that you know your old details too. Don’t want to get stuck out of the ‘old’ account.

Now, having created and logged in with the new account, go through the process of adding the sync module and then the camera.

If this ‘new’ system, on a new account, works perfectly, on your 2.4GHz/5GHz shared SSID network, you know support is wrong. Then, having got this evidence, call support, and ask them how it comes to be that the system is now working on the said same network?

Once they are convinced, reverse what you have done by first deleting the camera, sync module, and account. Then, you can add them back to your original account.

One final thing, having run the app, RouteThisHelps, with the support code BLNK, I can confirm that I do get a warning about shared SSIDs. The warning goes something like this. This is an advisory notice only that your network uses a shared SSID. This does not stop Blink from operating correctly, because it supports merged networks, and is advisory only, just so that you know that it is connecting to your 2.4GHz network only and cannot make use of your 5GHz band.

Not word perfect, but that’s the theme. It does go on to say, if you do have issues, you might try splitting the bands, but this still doesn’t make sense to me. If it is required, it’s a router problem with smart switching, not Blink’s issue, in my opinion.

Sorry to go on, but to me it would be worth a try, so that you can go back to them and say "oh, how come I’ve set it up on a new account, same network, and it’s working a treat?

My subscription ran out yesterday. I didn’t even know I was subscribed to anything. Now there are a lot of videos when I open up to look as I normally did. When I press on one to watch it it just says hang on tight it’s going to take a long time to get it from the USB. So I thought well my subscription ran out and this is crap. So last night I paid $30 for a one-year subscription for one camera. My accounts are linked together but this morning I still have a lot of videos maybe 15 or 20 there and I can’t open any of them because it says the USB is slow. All I want is for blink to work like it did two days ago. How do I get that done? I paid $30 thinking that that would do it but apparently it hasn’t. Thanks.

I don’t speak from personal experience of either subscription, or USB, but logically trying to understand your issue, I suspect it is as follows.

Your free trial period subscription ran out.
Videos stopped being saved to the cloud.
Instead, with your USB stick being present, it saved them there, which is what it’s supposed to do.
As a result they are now not in the cloud, and not available to view, quickly, from there.

Now, having created a subscription, it cannot go and grab those clips from your USB stick, and put them in the cloud, because they are already saved, and located on your USB stick. Maybe they could, though, with some thought and effort on their part, but the way USB stick saving seems to have been working out, something useful and helpful like that, seems unlikely, in my opinion, though I’d be happy to be proved wrong.

I expect any future recordings made, will be saved in the cloud, and viewing those will be exactly as it was before, with only a small delay, not a long delay.

Want to make sure. Safely eject the USB stick from the appropriate app screen, so those clips aren’t available at all, and nor is it available as a place to store things, and then go and walk in front of your active camera, make a recording, and see what happens.

Hope it works out for you. If not, contact support.

Ok - I spoke with Blink again and they blamed my solar power external power device. Blame everything else but their own product.

In any event, I just pulled my camera down from its mount, took out the batteries and put them back in, plugged it into the USB to charge for a while and then plugged it back into the solar panel and remounted. Works perfectly now. It must have somehow needed a reset.

Obviously it’s suddenly okay to be using a merged 2.4GHz and 5GHz network, just like their support pages say. Go figure! lol.