Video Has Stopped Unexpectedly

3 of my 6 cameras, all 6 were working before your update, are now showing Video Has Stopped Unexpectedly. All my cameras are close to the router, modem, and sync. I an getting excellent reception from my wifi on my android phone. How can I correct this issue?

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Have you power cycled your sync module. If not, and you try that and it fails, also try power cycling your router.

I have power cycled both with no luck.

I’m getting this now on Androids only (3 devices), IOS works fine. Is this an update issue?, because they were working fine a couple of days ago.


I have 3 Blink camera in 3 locations.Two are now showing 'Video Stopped Unexpectedly." They don’t share a router or wifi network, since they are 8 miles apart. I’ll try rebooting them and hopefully that will work.

I’m having the same issue, all 3 cameras. I am still getting alerts and can view these just no live video.

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Same here, all six of my cameras are showing ‘Video stopped unexpectedly’ this morning, were fine yesterday. Am on Android.

Are perhaps the Blink servers down? I’m running into the same “video stopped unexpectedly” this morning that I see mentioned on other posts today.

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Same…I have 3 cameras in 2 different locations… states “video stopped unexpectedly” anytime I try to live view on any of the 3 cameras.

Same issue here. No problems yesterday. Have disconnected, reinstalled, rebooted. Still nothing but video has stopped unexpectedly when trying to view live video

I’m on Android also

Seems to have resolved itself now

I think the server was down. I was up and running a bit later.

I still don’t have them working in Syracuse New York.

Same here, all 6.

I’m having this issue more often than not for weeks now. Blue light will come on but no video is recorded and when I try to pull live view I get video stopped unexpectedly. I’ve tried on both ios and android and get the same results. Randomly worked yesterday but then back to the issue.

I have done all recommended TS with negative results.

I’m having the same issues, with it saying that video stopped suddenly, and also having trouble loading live view. Other issues are videos that don’t record well, such as half of the screen missing and some don’t record more than a half a second. Also live view is extremely slow to load, if it loads at all. By the time it’s loaded, whoever’s out there has done their deed and gone and I don’t have any clip of it, and some of the time, I had just gotten a notification from Blink. I’ve also done all the steps suggested but it’s not fixed and it’s only getting worse. If it continues, I’ll be sure not to buy another Blink. Has anyone found a solution? All I get is a suggestion to follow the same old steps that don’t work.