Video clips are black and white

Bought two new x1 cams as add ons. The video clips at night are black and white, but color in the day time. Live view is no color either.

They are supposed to be B&W… That’s how you see at night. It uses IR to illuminate low light areas. There is an option to turn IR off but you won’t be able to see at night.

But my other camera shows in color. Same camera, in better lighting

turn off night vision then, and your cameras will be in color at night.

If you have sufficient ambient white light at night, to correctly illuminate the scene, from say a security light, or similar, turn night vision off, and you will have colour. If there isn’t, and you need the IR illuminator turned on to keep the scene lit, then it has to be in black and white. The IR illuminator is only in one colour, so if the scene is only lit by one colour, how could you possibly perceive colours?

It’s just like if you lit a white card with only a red light. The card would be red. No possibility of anything else. Of course they don’t show this single colour as anything other than white, so you end up with black and white. Wouldn’t be much point showing its true colour, we can’t see it.

The one you have that shows in colour at night, must be adequately illuminated to trigger the auto sensing day/night view to be in daytime mode.

Ok thanks a bunch. I will try that!

Ok thanks!