Verification code problem

It seems Blink has added a new verification code. After you enter your logon and password they send you a verification code in your email. If you leave Blink to get the code and then come back to blink within the ten minutes the code changes every time you try to logon. They know the device so why not store it and if you log on from that device let you do it. if a different device then use the verification code. Has anyone figured a way to make it work easier?

They are using two step verification on your account. You only have to go through this procedure once. After you do it, you’ll have a blue check mark in the mobile app showing you are verified.

Regarding 10 minutes,…do the verification step on the same devvice the Blink app is on. That way it takes about 3 minutes. 10 minutes is pretty Blink is assuming you have your email with the verification number and blink mobile app handy at the same time.

I just tried it again and I get the same message about enter my account verification code which you then send to me in my email. I do NOT get the blue check mark.

You’ll have to call tech support then. Their numbers are listed in the mobile app.

You find the blue check mark from Settings>Manage Account>Email Verified using an Android phone.

OK I now see the check mark. I log off and sign in again and it still asks me for the verification code and you send me a different one

The people here in this forum are not Blink employees unless you see it n their name. Again, contact tech support for solution.

The verification code is a major problem if u have multiple people accessing cameras. If you give the code to an employee who also has a system at home, the code has to be reestablished when they return.
This will never work. If I can’t find a work around, I have no choice but to return all the cameras.
Does anyone have a work around?

Are your employees using Android? If so you can set up a work and home profile. You can have an instance of Blink running in each profile, one for work and one for home. Both instances will be running at the same time, and both will receive notifications at all times. No need for anyone to be logging in and out, and no need for repeated security codes.

I have had this working, and it operates perfectly Each instance of the app, home and work versions, know nothing of the other. This applies to all apps, not just Blink, so you can have an entire profile dedicated to work. There is much more you can do with this, including full work profile admin management, but just setting it up in its simplest form sounds like it might work for you.

If you’re running iOS, I do not believe this is available.

There may be better articles on how to set it up. This is just the first I found with a quick Google search just now.

Everytime i log into blink it ask me to verif my cell. I called support and they changed it to my email. But ittill ask me everytime to verf. And it shouldnt