Using Blink cameras in your car/RV

Hey all. I’ve got a blink xt2 camera system working nicely around my home, but I’d like to add a camera to the inside of my campervan (‘minivan’/‘rv’ for my US friends). I’ve got the power to run the hub via a leisure battery and inverter, but my question is about data usage - does the footage from the camera’s motion sensor actually get uploaded to the web, or just an alert, and then you ‘dial in’ to the camera to view the footage? Whichever way, what sort of data usage does a still image use up, and how much does a 5 second video use up? Thanks in advance!

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The amount of data it uses in minimal. You can confirm this in your existing home setup via the settings options in your phone. I have android and I can look at memory use, data use, and battery use. ALL 3 of them are negligible with Blink. So go ahead and setup a cellular wifi hotspot and connect blink to it as you would at home. The difference will be you will have a completely different 2nd account to log into. Do the pay as you go plan with your cell provider as Blink wont be eating much data. Until you use that hot spot for additional things besides just Blink.


Thanks. So the hub can run off USB power - I didn’t realise that. Cheers - I’ll have a play in the morning.

If the hub = blink sync module, yes it runs off usb power

Hi all. I’m also looking to install a few blink cameras in my car. I’ve purchased a mobile WiFi device they can connect to. But I also realise you need the hub - is it correct that this can be used off a USB power source, or does this need to be plugged into the mains electricity

It’s USB powered. What model of cameras are you getting?

Blink xt2

And would it work through glass to detect vandals outside the car

No, that’s why I asked. The motion detection is by PIR, so if cannot reliably detect the heat signature through glass. Barely functions at all, and, even if it does, the IR illuminator would just bounce back off the glass, and blind the camera, if it was dark.

Ah- thanks Andrew. Is there a motion activated camera that would work in a car through glass.

The Blink mini apparently does, and I think may not need a sync module, but look into that to confirm. It would need to be powered though, via USB, so if you were making provision for a sync module, you could do the same for a mini camera. The problem with the mini, right now, is that it seems to have a bunch of problems, that Blink seem slow to resolve. Check the forum for details.