Using a stand alone power pack to power blink mini

I have tried using a ‘wiley fox’ 5v x 1A power pack to power my blink mini but it fails to work. Why?

Blink only works with the coyote pack, not the fox version.

I don’t know the product, and couldn’t easily find it with a quick Google, but my guess is, if it’s like a phone power bank, that the cameras use so little power, they don’t even trip the power output to being on. Effectively, the power bank doesn’t even know the camera is connected.

It’s either that, or the Blink cameras don’t trip to using the power bank’s output, because the power bank is in low output mode until it sees a significant load, so the Blink camera doesn’t even ‘see’ it. Same sort of thing really.

Look for power save output options on your power bank, and change it to always on. Just a guess without knowing the specifics of your product, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

The #1 common thread in this community is consumers wanting and trying to get Blink hardware and software to do something it was never intended to do. They buy it anyway due to lowest price and no monthly fees.

Next up, we’re gonna find out an wileyfox external power bank is desired because the mini indoor camera is being used…outdoors and there is nowhere to plug it in via the power pack that came with the camera. .

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