Use A.I. to ignore insects

I’m alerted constantly by curious wasps walking across my cameras. AI should be able to ignore that motion. If not let’s get the cameras networked into SKYNET!

Many Blink users have asked for lots of improvements, features. But Blink intentionally is a low cost easy to use system, they seldom make it better. Want AI detection, higher resolution, siren, spot light, longer live view and recordings, better app, etc. you’ll have to go with a different brand.

It’s as simple as ask yourself, why did you buy Blink instead of Ring. Amazon pumps a ton of development money into the Ring product line and very little into the Blink product line. Amazon knows Blink customers bought on price and lowest operating costs. So they keep limited in what it can do to keep the price point lower than Ring. If Blink price went up and got too close to Ring, people would buy Ring.