USB storsge

I am a newbie, can. Anyone advise how clips are transferred to a usb stick.

Hello newbie and welcome to the community forum. How usb storage works is detailed over on Blink’s support website. Think of it as the owner’s manual with a search field that works like google search. Then lookup sync module 2 local storage.

Thanks for the info. Joel. However it looks like I need a subscription

You get a free trial subscription for 30 days or so. That is plenty of time to get your old videos downloaded.

Remember Blink greatly reduced the max time your videos remain in the cloud. Important files should be manually downloaded with sync module 1. Sync module 2 simply automates this.

So no, you do not need to pay for a subscription. New videos are temporary stored in cloud or in camera. Then auto download to usb drive once a day.

Thanks again Help. I have had my usb connected to the sync module 2 for 2 days but no clips have been downloaded, how do I know if the usb is connected I have searched the app but it doesn’t show up.

Go to link i gave you. Then lookup info I told you.