USB port on sync module

Hi all.

What is the purpose of the standard USB port on the XT sync module? Is it unused right now and slated for future use through a firmware update? I see no mention of it anywhere.

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Hey @Master_Duh,

Thanks for your question! Currently the usb port is not functional but is for expanding capabilities of the sync module in the future. However it is not currently a priority of ours as we are tackling other projects!

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Thanks for the quick reply!

(naturally after I posted this question I discovered the same info in the FAQs - doh!)

Can it be used to connect a USB to Ethernet adapter to hardwire module to router extender for stronger coverage? My Camera to Wifi and Camera to Sync Module are weak on some cameras.

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Unfortunately that USB port isn’t any more functional now than it was in @nick_at_blink’s post above.

In other words, no it can’t do what you’re asking because it can’t do anything.

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Would like the USB hub to provide a bit of near local recording, so in case internet goes down, it still records. Additionally, would love a microSD on the device too.


In the future (hopefully near) they will offer local storage (USB port) via a firmware update. I asked them, but they didn’t confirm any dates, nor how they would store it locally. I figured it would be similar to Arlo which has a local storage option via the USB port.


Can you elaborate on who told you this and when?

This would be a great feature, but your statement isn’t consistent with anything that they have publicly stated for a long time.

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I emailed them asking if they were going to have local storage because I wanted that feature before I buy another system. They said they were going to add that feature in the future via a firmware upgrade; I guess the firmware update would enable the USB port on the sync module. If they had no plans to offer that, I probably would look into Arlo which has that feature already.

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They’ve been saying that since their kickstarter campaign, FYI. That was in 2014.

Thanks, they probably will push it out quicker now that Amazon owns them.

It’s actually been stated on here that the Blink Team are making their own decisions as to what happens and when it happens.
It seems the fact that Amazon now own Blink has made little difference as to any timeline.

Any update on this? Enabling a USB stick for local storage as a backup or if no WiFi would be a great feature.

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Same here I’m looking for backup local storage option I love the camera system just need that extra back up in case wifi is down. I will be return this product by January 31st if no such feature is released.

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I’m curious, if local storage is an absolute requirement for you, then why buy a camera system that doesn’t offer that feature?

Because I saw multiple posts about the feature in the near future. I’ve had the camera for 2 days and they are great. I would just like the option for local storage. I purchased from Amazon at a good price with a free echo dot included. I now have until the 31st to make a decision.

Unfortunately that’s a feature they’ve been dangling in front of us for a couple years. I think it’s unlikely it will be released before amazon’s extended holiday return period ends.

I believe that with tech products, it’s important to make purchase decisions based on what a product is currently capable of doing. Promises of future add-ons are often delayed or never even released.

In my case, local storage for blink cams would be a bonus, but the primary reason I got one was the totally wirefree design, and overall I’m pretty satisfied with that.

Don’t get me wrong I love the camera system and wire free is alot better than being in the attic for hours running wires and drilling holes but also it’s hard to get a good signal at the other end of my house and I’m still trying to find a solution for that.

Some people have added WiFi extenders and sync modules to their system to improve range (cameras need a good connection to both WiFi and sync module).

I would love this feature of backup storage just in case of internet outage!!