USB backup: No 'Safe Eject'

After a gap of months I checked Help for the instructions and then opened Sync Module in the app, and tapped Local Storage. But the expected screen was not displayed, e.g no ‘Safe Eject USB’ button.

No Safe Eject

I removed it anyway and got a message it needed repair. Took the scan option but Win 10 reported no problems. I opened it and could see all folders, including unrelated to Blink, as well as old Blink backup folders. Nothing recent. Inserted a fresh USB stick and waited 10 mins. Still do not have the expected ‘removal’ screen in the app. Tried other USB sticks, no change.

Looked at Trouble Shooting > USB drive, but didn’t help me. Note that I’n not seeing ‘USB Disconnected’ at any stage either.

Any help would ve much appreciated please.


Duh! A little later I realised it was down to me. Forgot that I have TWO Sync Modules and I had inserted the USB in the wrong one. It doesn’t help that both have USB sockets, but only the more recent one actually does anything.

After inserting a USB the app just shows last files backed up a month ago, so I’m assuming I’ll get some more today. I don’t see a setting showing a specific time?

Hi Terry

I reported the same problem to Blink. I suspect the cause, well it is in my case, is that I use an enlarged font, to make reading easier. This isn’t coped with very well by a number of screens in the Blink app, and particularly the storage screen. I told them they need a page scroll option, even if it is only a single page for most, who use normal fonts, it is off the page for those of us who choose a larger display format. They agreed, and said it would be passed to their team, but of course, nothing happens.

Are you using a custom display format or font, because if so it will be out of view at the bottom of the screen, and inaccessible?

Hi Andrew.

Not a font issue in my case. Did you see my follow up a short time after my post?

Best Wishes,


No, didn’t see that. Wrong sync module will do that, lol.