Urgent: Reset Your Blink Password within 24 Hours

Has anyone received the following email?

"Dear Blink Customer,

Our Security Team discovered that your account may be vulnerable to unauthorized access because your username and password appeared on a publicly available list of credentials that may have been exposed during a compromise of third-party systems or services. We have investigated and confirmed that this exposure did not originate from Blink, and we have no evidence of unauthorized intrusion into our systems. However, as an added precaution we recommend you reset your Blink password to protect your account."

The only problem I have with this is if the exposure didn’t originate from Blink, then how does the vulnerability exist? Doesn’t make sense! Does anyone know what 3rd party entity (kind of vague) may have had our credentials? Or know anything about this?

I changed my password and all, but have no idea what the 3rd party is to disassociate with.

I would have checked this with blink before doing anything

That’s why I have a tinfoil hat - to block the bullchit and to get better wifi signal. .

Emails and social media posts are so full of lies, disinformation, phishing scams, etc. After 3 years of the Trump era, you should have a fine tuned BS meter by now and know fake news when you see it.


I sent the email to Blink. For the record, I didn’t click on any links in the email. It did look legit, gotta tell ya!

Not sure why anyone would want to check out my front yard, but… whatever!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys!


The email was legit from Blink. More info to follow…

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Hi Rhosk,

I just received an email from blink telling me the same thing. I am curios what the outcome was and what the “more info to follow” was…

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