Unexplainable movement on camera

So I caught this while I was out on vacation and I can’t really explain it. I have four cats and can see them all in frame ( orange one on computer chair, black one under table, grey one at top of stairs and the white one on the couch in the back) and none of them react to the unnatural looking movement caught. It was about 7:30am and my grandma was letting her dog out I think, which you can see her moving upstairs. It almost looks like it moves when she moves so I’m hoping it’s just a strange glitch or something…I’m just really hoping someone could confirm that maybe it’s just a glitch because it’s super creepy looking and it’s been bothering me for like a week haha.

we cant see anything, might want to upload to youtube.

Same here.

How did you take a blink video clip and turn it into a GIF file via ezgif.com? You can’t take a still picture and turn it into a GIF file to show motion as …the motion would be fake/animated. In any case, using a GIF website is a lot of work to post something here about a super creepy and bothering you for a week.

As others said, upload your video clip to youtube via the share function in the Blink mobile app. Then post a link here to that youtube video.