Unauthorized Access, Contact Support Issue


For almost 24 hours I’ve been getting “Unauthorized Access, contact support” when attempting to login using my iOS app.

I have uninstalled and re-installed.

I have reset my password.

If I put in the ‘wrong’ password, I get the same error message.

If I switch to my mobile network as opposed to my home wifi, I get the same error message.

I’ve tried the login on an alternative device.

I raised a support request yesterday but have yet to receive a reply - I’ve since attempted to chase it up and I’ve then received a bounce back message saying ‘support@blinkforhome.com - mailbox is full’.

I’ve only had the system for a month.

were you anle to fix this? have the same. did a password reset but unable to get in :tired_face:

Hi - I had to ring support in the end - they had said because I had attempted to link my account to too many 3rd parties (alexa, IFTTT and my own Home Assistant) it had basically locked out my account.

They reset it fairly quickly after I had unlinked all of these services, and has been working fine since. I’ve not attempted relinking anything since, though I’m assuming it’s the Home Assistant part it was getting upset with.

Just FYI too the camera did continue to record, and as soon as I had logged back in I had all recordings that had been made during my lock out available to view.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the update! Thats concerning, as everything I buy gets integrated into HomeAssistant. Will call support, as they have yet to respond on the ticket I opened. I love the price/quality of the camera, and was ready to buy more, but that will not happen if i can’t use integrations…

IFTTT is supported, as is Alexa, so use those to your hearts content, but don’t forget to amend any credentials, when you change your password for Blink, or you’re bound to get locked out when those services try to repeatedly poll Blink’s servers with invalid credentials. I use Home Assistant too, but I think I use it to run IFTTT routines, so I’m still within their approved systems, when trying to log in to Blink.

Other providers, could well have failed to update their systems to handle the two step verification process, recently introduced, which might explain why it simply fell over, out of the blue for you.

I think I may have some things that try to connect without IFTTT, or Alexa, but they were just early experiments, so I haven’t used them for months. I suppose if I do, I may face the same challenge. If I get time, I’ll review what I have and see if I can see anything that tries to log into their API server, without offering the opportunity for two step verification. Well, I already know I have a few scripts, but thanks to the efforts of others in this forum, they have already been fixed.

Thanks for the heads up regarding the potential issue.

At least with IFTTT, you should be able to use any of the other services you were using anyway, because they probably exist on IFTTT too, to allow a link from one to the other to be created.

Just spend 20 minutes on the phone with support. Must say I’m shocked this is amazon branded. They couldn’t really help me, stating someone will call back, without any clue as to when… 0 stars for customer support. Lesson learned for me, buy devices where the associated cloud service is an on top service, not a prerequisite to use the device at all…

Ha, even worse… a negative review on amazon.nl just got rejected… pretty disappointing…

I can’t use Google translate on a png screenshot. Can you do a Google translate, and post the text back here. I can see your negative review, obviously, because it’s in English, but I can’t understand how they have responded to you, and I’d be keen to see how and why Amazon choose to refuse to accept a negative review.

Thanks, seems odd, unless there was something offensive, or similar, in the part of your review after it was truncated with the three little dots.

If not, then it’s well out of order.

We see plenty of evidence of customer support in this forum, and it literally ranges from excellent, almost couldn’t be better, to breathtakingly incompetent, and just plain wrong. Looks like you got one of the poor support responses.

If you haven’t, first thing to do might be to disable any third party log ins, like jam182 did, and then try to change the password. If no luck there, leave it a day, it may clear down your account, if it stops receiving inaccurate log in attempts from third party providers, and then try again.

Thereafter, I’d suggest trying again with support, on the phone, and ask for an escalation, if you don’t get satisfaction with first line support. Difficult to know if you feel it’s worth it, but you do like the cameras, and we do also read a lot of good reports about support.

I just got the unauthorized use message in my android ap. I have had the system 1.5 years with 2 cameras and just bought a the mini. Im reading that this message is due to excessive use, and password reset and app reinstall are not helpful. How can I get my account unlocked?

I did too, in the UK, maybe 10 minutes ago. They obviously had an issue. Years without a problem of this type for me. I signed out, and could not sign back in. I left it a few minutes, and then did sign in again without issue. Oddly, when I signed back in, it did not challenge me for a PIN, which it has done whenever I’ve signed back in over the last few months, since they implemented 2FA.

As of right now, it works fine.