Unable to view when motion is detected… “ Camera is busy“ error

I think it’s ridiculous that you can’t view who is at your front door when the camera notices movement. What’s the point then? I have the blink XT2 cameras and you still can’t do it

Unless I’m doing something wrong… Is there something I don’t know?

It’s not a connection error… Or a lack of signal… Every time there is motion on the camera and I try to see who’s at the front door or anywhere else… It tells me the camera is busy and won’t let me see it until the clip has stopped recording.


If you open camera settings and select early detection I believe that’ll do what it is you’re looking for.

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I’m having the same issues, and I have early detection enabled on all of my cameras

Is there any way the makers of Blink can correct this issue, I see it posted all the time. And I as well, always having to wait to view the motion after it stop… I wish it would allow you to view it as it happening.

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Mine does the same too. The “live view” is misleading. Now, if it’s not on motion detection, I can select live view and talk to people but not otherwise.

If you have Early Notification enabled, you have to click on the notification to go directly into Live View. If you try to access Live View via the icon on the Blink home screen you will get the message that the camera is busy until the camera stops recording.

This has happened since I’ve had Blink, for some 10 months now. I’ve reported it to technical support and an hoping they will issue a software update to correct this error. Like you, I bought the camera to be able to both see and talk to someone at my front door, sadly if live view won’t initiate as the camera is busy detecting the person, it also means talk won’t work, so that’s a double whammy!! Can’t see, can’t talk, what’s the point in the camera