Unable to update my firmware

I’ve been trying for months to update my sync module’s firmware. I have not been successful! ANY help would be greatly appreciated. System cost too much to toss!

Firmware updates are pushed. They are not available on request from the app. What makes you think you have the wrong firmware? What is the firmware version currently running on your sync module and what version sync module is it?

See my answer on your other thread, exact same subject. Please don’t post multiple threads with the same problem, it makes it difficult to help you.

4.2.9 is what the app reads sir. Don’t know if it needs to be updated. I tried and got nothing. No update info. Just wanted to know if its due.

4.2.9 is the version I have so I assume it’s the latest. FYI : there is no “due”. Blink will automatically update the firmware so no need to worry. Are you having any problems with your system?

I have to regularly log out of the system to retrieve the current camera picture(s). I have these the phone to get the pictures to show up immediately.

Sorry. My version is 6.2.4. Forgive the confusion.

No problem. You must have the latest outdoor cam with sync module 2. I don’t have that one so can’t verify the firmware version. If no one else chimes in I suggest you contact tech support to verify and get help with your problem. Good luck and let us know how you make out!

my sync module 2 version is 4.2.12… The 6.2.4 is the version of the blink app your looking at. you need to open up the module. the version # is at the top.