Unable to reach Blink cloud. Please try again later

Getting this message all the time now.
Is anyone else dealing with this?

I do sometimes but it usually disappears right away. Hasn’t really affect functionality for me yet.

I’m not currently receiving that message. The only time I received that was when Blink was doing maintenance at like 3:00 AM

I get the same message sometimes I just close and relaunch the Android app and it fixes it

Hi @DPChristman -

If you are on iOS, we are currently working on an update that should hit the store in the next week that addresses this issue. Android users shouldn’t be seeing this particular message since the Android app handles network connectivity different than the iOS app does.


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@Dennis_at_Blink it’s definitely prevalent in Android app as well.

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I am on Android Galaxy S6 Edge

My last successful connection was 3 hours ago:tired_face:

@DPChristman your issue sounds entirely different from mine , a quick refresh of the app always fixes it for me. Have you tried resetting your sync module?

Really getting fed up with this. I got rid of two Foscam cameras because I thought this would be more dependable. Jokes on me

I would think all of your issues are stemming from the same source.

@DPChristman I know these issues can be frustrating but Blink is actually very stable/ reliable compared to other systems in the industry, I’ve tried my fair share. Support is always very friendly and willing to work with you to solve your issues. What you may be experiencing is a defective sync module or a network configuration issue. First step is reboot your router / sync module and see if that resolves your issue

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I have already done all that Repeatedly
Still the problem continues.

Right now, I have access, but it is completely unreliable.

I have no way of knowing when it is working and when it isn’t

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I bought Blink two weeks ago and have been unable to create an account because each time I tap the BLINK icon on my phone I get the msg " unable to connect to BLINK cloud, try again later". That’s EVERY day for 2 weeks. Very frustrating and so far this device is useless. Guess I need to return.

put in a support ticket?

Hi @jemacu,

I would definitely recommend putting in a support ticket here, so we can resolve that issue for you. Thanks @DPChristman!

Well I just told you the issue I had . I already put in a ticket last week and no one responded to me.

Just please tell me how to fix this. I am not wasting any more time on this. Tell me how to fix the problem or I am packing this up and shipping this back.
As I said in the email, I have dealing with this msg for 2 weeks. Enough.

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Hi @jemacu that is a strange error to be getting before even attempting to setup the sync module. The first screen you should see on a fresh app install will be prompting you to create an account. After which you can add sync modules and cameras.

Can you let us know what your phone operating system is? Did you download the latest version from the app/ play store? Have you attempted uninstalling / reinstalling the app yet ?

How about your network configuration, what brand router , your ISP, are you running any firewalls on your network ? Are you attempting to connect to Blink app over your WiFi or your cellular network ?

YES for 4 days now

Hi @MSPeaches,

Please submit a support ticket here and we can take a look at your system and resolve this issue for you!